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Order Inspection

Order Inspection & Verification

Before signing a delivery slip please inspect whether all the items are delivered and check the packaging condition.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • Torn or punctured cardboard or stretched wrap
  • Broken or crushed corners
  • Broken pallets
  • Module stacks that shifted on the pallet
  • Missing “Do Not Stack” pyramids on module pallet
  • Verify that the Packing Slip matches the items received in the shipment.

If the Driver can wait, we also recommend opening the shipment and inspecting the items.

Note any discrepancies in item count and any item damage on the Delivery Receipt and inform the Driver.

Please do not refuse the delivery. Refusing delivery may result in additional freight charges.

The process of dealing with order discrepancies varies based on what the issue is. Please send any questions to