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290 watt solar panels

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Cell Type / Arrangement  —  Mono-crystalline / 60 (6x10)
Rated Power Output  —  295 watt

The photovoltaic cells of solar panel are connected together both in series and in parallel. Each cell is designed in a way to reduce the loss of electric power when the equipment is heated, and to increase efficiency.

The 290 W solar panel will help to power your home. It comes at a low cost and easy installation.

Advantages of 290 W solar panel

  • The tempered glass sheet that covers solar panels allows for the maximum absorption of sunlight.<
  • The durable frame of the solar panel makes it suitable for usage in negative environmental factors.
  • The textured surface of solar panels boosts power output by 21% under low light conditions.
  • Panel keeps producing energy after 20 years of service.
  • The protection rating of junction box is IP67, which guarantees long lasting performance in bad weather.

The 290 W solar panel is available for purchase in our online store. Please contact one of the sales managers to inquire about the price and order the equipment.