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Grid-Tied Solar System Calculator

Tell us how much you are spending on electricity and we’ll calcalute how much you can save if you get solar
I am claiming the 30% Federal Tax Credit (ends 2019) i

When you install your solar system, 30% of your project expenses apply toward a credit to offset any taxes you owe that year. This federal tax credit is a major incentive to go solar, but it is being phased out by 2022.

Most people are eligible to claim this credit (you must owe federal taxes to be eligible).

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Benefits of Using Our Grid-Tied Solar Power Calculator

Once you gathered all the information about the solar in your state, check out our easy Solar Cost Calculator to see how much money solar panels can save you. This Solar Power Calculator will help you figure out the number of solar panels you will need to power your home, choose the right solar equipment and, mainly, calculate the cost of solar, see the savings on your monthly electric bill, and even estimate the payback period. Simply fill out the form with your zip code and average quarterly electric bill and click “Calculate My System”.

Our Solar Panel Calculator is designed to give you the estimate without using any of your personal information besides your zip code. Once you have an estimate, then you will be provided with an option to connect with the representative to receive an accurate quote for your solar system.

Our easy-to-use solar calculator will provide you with information on:

  • What solar system size you will need to install to power your home, or how many solar panels you will need to generate enough electricity.
  • All the appropriate solar equipment and solar accessories you will possibly need for the optimum operation of your solar power system. You will get recommendations on suitable types of solar panels, batteries, inverters, and other solar inventory, specifically based on your location and on the size of the roof you have.
  • The average cost of solar panels per watt.
  • An estimate of your solar payback period.
  • An estimate of your average quarterly savings on the electric bill.
  • Your local utility rate as of today and the projected inflation-adjusted price of electricity rate.

Once this solar tool calculated the results, they will be emailed to the provided email address. Enjoy the convenience of having this estimate readily available to you in case you want to compare these results to the competitors’, or share this estimate with someone else.

Whether you are thinking about switching to solar energy, adding to an existing solar system, or you are an installer who wants to quickly estimate the performance and cost of potential solar installations, you came to the right place. Our Solar Panel Calculator allows for quick and easy estimation of cost of solar energy, electricity production, and the potential savings for your wallet.

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