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480 watt solar panels

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Q CELLS 480W Solar Panel 156 cells Q.Peak Duo XL G10.3/BFG

  • Rated Power Output 480 W
  • Voltage (VOC)53.39
  • Cell number156 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Feb 03–08

In stock

Q CELLS 480W Solar Panel 156 cells Q.Peak Duo XL-G10.d/BFG

  • Rated Power Output 480 W
  • Voltage (VOC)53.39 V
  • Cell number156 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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Delivery on Feb 03–08

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480 watt solar panels

While the benefits of solar power are obvious, designing a system to fully take advantage of those benefits is quite challenging. A panel's power rating is an important factor to consider. Higher values indicate greater energy production from a given module. A 480 watt solar panel is near the top of the food chain. Let's take a better look at these powerful solar panels.

The pros of 480 watt solar panels

  • Less panels are required to create a given system, which saves you time, money, and space
  • Even within the same series, more powerful panels have a slight efficiency advantage
  • When compared to less powerful models, 480 W solar panels cost less per watt due to economies of scale
  • Fewer panels mean fewer connections, which means a less complicated system with a lower failure rate

The average price of 480 watt panels

It’s true that the 480 watt solar panel price is a bit higher compared to typical residential modules. This is to be expected, given the significantly greater power outputs of these devices. A price-per-watt metric is necessary for a fair comparison of PV modules with varying power outputs. Each 480 watt solar panel we sell has a dedicated product page with all the details to facilitate your purchasing decision.

For a 480 watt solar panel, for example, you can expect to pay as little as $0.5 per watt from a Chinese manufacturer. On the other hand, European and Japanese businesses typically charge more than $1 per watt. PV modules made in the United States and South Korea may represent the sweet spot between quality and cost.

Sizes of 480 Watt panels

Solar panels with a 480 watt output typically use 156 half-cut solar cells, which have the same area as 78 full-sized cells. The following characteristics are typical of a 480 watt solar panel regardless of the exact number of cells:

  • 89″ length
  • 41″ width
  • 1.37″ depth
  • 57 lbs weight

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