46 fulfillment centers

Pickup locations on East and West coast of the US

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A1SolarStore offers a pickup option so that you can get your solar equipment cheaper and faster.

Easy & fast buying process

Shop online, schedule an appointment and go pick up your order

No shipping fees

Pickup option is absolutely free of charge

No delays with the order

Pick up your order as soon as it is ready

46 fulfillment centers

Pickup locations on East and West coast of the US

Check the product availability near you

Option 1

Before shopping

Check the suggested pickup location – it should be automatically identified in the header. Click on the Show products button or select the necessary fulfillment center from the list on the left to see the equipment available near you.

Option 2

While shopping

Open the product you need and see how many locations it is available at. Note that the product price may slightly differ depending on the fulfillment center you want to pick it up from. Also pay attention to the quantity available – if there is not enough stock at the location you need, equipment may need to be shipped to your house from another fulfillment center that has availability.

Select the pickup option at the checkout

At the checkout, choose the pickup option and select the nearest fulfillment center. Pay attention to the notifications – not all the products from your cart may be available at one place. So, check the availability carefully while shopping.

Get ready for the pickup

Once you have paid for your order, we start processing it. Our manager will contact you by phone within 24 hours to confirm order details and offer available time slots for pickup.

Get ready for the pickup. It is especially important when you are going to transport solar panels. Here are some tips:

  • You can ask to package your PV modules in a pallet. For this, leave a note ‘palletized order’ in request comments. Keep in mind that the pallet is a couple of inches bigger than a panel, and might not fit in the back of every car.
  • If you opt for taking panels as they are, prepare some sort of solar panel packaging to minimize the risk of cracking the module. Foam pads, bubble wrap, and even blankets – anything soft will do.
  • Don’t put anything on top of the panels, especially if you know there is a bumpy road ahead.

Do not set off until you get a notification

You will receive a message when your order is ready for pickup. There is no point going to the fulfillment center earlier than that, as your order might not be ready yet. What is meant by preparation? Well, we need to find the items you have ordered in the fulfillment center, do some paperwork etc. It takes time, but not much – on average we can have it ready in 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

Doublecheck your order before signing the receipt

This is a very important step. By signing the papers you confirm that the order is complete and all the products are in an appropriate condition.

When examining your order:

  • Verify the number and description of items you get by comparing to your order information
  • Inspect the top and bottom of module pallets looking for footprints, broken glass, damaged corners, etc.
  • Check the product packaging for dents or punctures.


The product I need is not available at the nearest location. Can I order it to be shipped there?

No, we can not ship products from one fulfillment center to another. You can pick this product up from the location with the necessary availability, or get a delivery.

I have received a notification that my order is ready for pickup. Is there any time limit the order can wait for me?

You are expected to show up for your pickup appointment at the scheduled time. If you can not pick up your order within the specified period, another pickup date has to be scheduled. Your order may be canceled altogether, if it is not picked up on time.

I checked my solar panels, signed all the necessary papers and took the products home. When I started installing them, I noticed they were damaged. Can I claim for replacement?

No. You are liable for damages once the product is in your hands.

Can I ask my relative or a friend to pick up the order for me?

Yes, you can. In this case provide a name of the person who will pick up your order. Notify us about this 24 hrs before the scheduled pickup.

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