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Complete guide on solar systems

Learn how solar panels works and choose the one that suits your needs best

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SolarEdge SE-P340 Power Optimizer 340W - A1 Solar Store
Voltage (VOC) 48.0V
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SolarEdge SE-P730 Power Optimizer 730W - A1 Solar Store
Voltage (VOC) 125V
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SolarEdge SE-P860 Power Optimizer 860W - A1 Solar Store
Voltage (VOC) 60V
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Magnum Energy 100A MPPT Charge Controller Inverter buy online - A1 Solar Store
Controller type mppt

Solar Inverters

Inverters convert direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar panels into a sinusoidal alternating current (AC) of 220V, which is suitable for most electrical appliances.

The assortment of inverters for solar systems on the market today is huge. Contact us, and we will help you select the necessary device that will optimize your power production.

Why to buy from us:

  • Our warehouses are located on both east and west coasts of the USA: California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Missouri
  • We process all orders within 24 hours and ship them within 48 hours
  • Delivery normally takes between 4-7 business days
  • All of our suppliers are trusted solar panel manufacturers

Types of inverters we offer:

We have different types of inverters in stock, which allows our clients to choose the suitable device for each specific purpose.

  • Grid-Tie Inverters- conserve the excess electric power and redirect it into main power grid. In a case when you consume more electricity than your solar panels are able to produce, the inverter will take it from the main power grid. In the event of a failure and overcast conditions, electric appliances will still work properly.
  • Off-Grid Inverters — convert electric current through the battery circuit. The power of such inverter can reach up to 8000 Watts. To determine the size of the required inverter, you need to calculate the total load of all devices in the power supply grid. To do this, measure the power of each device for 1 hour and summarize the obtained result.

Hybrid Inverters — are most effective for solar systems. Besides the grid connection, they have an option to work from solar batteries. Hybrid inverters allow for flexible control of the electric current, directing them to the electrical load at home, to batteries or for sale to the external grid. In other words, when the external grid connection disappears, the power generation does not stop, as in the case of a grid-tie inverter, but continues from the batteries. This equipment is ideal for installation in a residential areas, is highly efficient, reliable and durable.

Phases and efficiency of inverters

Inverters with single-phase and three-phase alternation current output of 220 and 380 V are readily available in our online store. Three-phase models can be used in homes or industrial sites. The energy conversion efficiency of single-phase inverters is 96.8%, and three-phase inverters is 98.2%.

The power of our inverters is from 1000 W and higher. The equipment can be connected in cascade thus increasing the efficiency of the solar panel system. In some models of the inverters that we offer, there is a function to control energy generation through the Internet. You have the ability to remotely adjust the process of production and consumption of electricity received from solar panels.

Mini inverters for solar panels

The equipment makes it possible to integrate single solar panels with a capacity of up to 300 watts directly into the electrical grid. It includes a built-in MPPT tracker that tracks the maximum power of the connected solar battery. Thanks to the mini inverter, you can include panels of various types and performance in the system. The number of such mini electric grids is unlimited and can be increased on demand.

The most popular brands of inverters

SMA America LLC - can be used for both small home solar power stations, with one or several solar panels, and for creating PV systems with a power of several megawatts. They are ideal for panels that run in parallel with a centralized electrical supply grid, as well as for grid-tie and off-grid electrical systems.

Most models have built-in communication modules for data transmission, remote monitoring of the solar system operation, reactive power compensation system for compensating and leveling power system’s distortions, as well as various overcurrent and surge protection devices.

SolarEdge — combine sophisticated digital control technology with a power conversion technology. They have best-in-class reliability. The fixed voltage technology provides optimal output current, regardless of the number of panels in the system and environmental conditions.

This device combines the patented receiver of the monitoring data of the solar power station operations and accumulates information on the performance and power of each PV module. You can easily detect a malfunction and diagnose it in the electrical system.

If you are not sure which brand of inverter to choose, employees of our company will answer all of your questions related to the solar inverter operation as well as suggest which model of equipment is suitable for your home, depending on your needs.

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