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Your purchase of products or services from A1SolarStore constitutes your agreement to follow these Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them.

These Terms and Conditions outline several important items including the time frame required to return or report damaged items. The following is a summary of important timelines that you should be aware of. Further details on these policies are provided below.

PRICEAll prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that prices for an order that have been placed by clicking Checkout at a1solarstore.com are not subject to change.
SHIPMENTCurbside LTL average transport time is 5-7 business days.
PICKUPItems are ready for pickup no earlier than 2 business days from the order approval by the processor.
RETURNSReturns must be requested within 14 days of receipt of the product. Buyer pays shipping and 20% restocking fee.
DAMAGED ITEMSDamaged products must be notated on the delivery slip at time of delivery. Damage must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

Due to nature and size of the product, YOU MUST BE PRESENT IN PERSON FOR LTL SHIPMENT DELIVERY.

A1SOLARSTORE reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions whenever you purchase products or services from us or use our website.


1.1. A1SOLARSTORE warrants that it will comply with applicable laws and regulations in supplying the goods, including without limitation all environmental and data privacy laws and regulations.

1.2. A1SOLARSTORE warrants that the goods correspond with the description in the Purchase Order and any applicable specifications, are of good and merchantable quality and fit for the purposes specified in the product specification sheets.

1.3. A1SOLARSTORE warrants that it sells the goods to the BUYER free from all liens and encumbrances and with full title guarantee.

1.4 A1SOLARSTORE shall timely inform the BUYER on the order status changes by email specified by the BUYER at the checkout and by updating the order information in the BUYER’s account at a1solarstore.com. A1SOLARSTORE shall inform the BUYER and provide all the necessary contact information of the freight carrier or the fulfillment center by email.


The warranty information for a particular product can be found on the relevant product page; or on the Warranty Support & Return Policy page; or on the manufacturer’s official website.


3.1 The BUYER shall provide correct and valid contact information, including email, phone number, shipping and billing addresses, and payment information.

3.2 The BUYER gives consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing by voluntarily signing up as a user, when making a purchase, requesting a quote, or filling in the necessary fields when visiting a1solarstore.com. Direct marketing shall mean communicating directly with customers via various channels including, but not limited to, e-mail, SMS and What'sApp.

3.3 When choosing a credit card as a payment option, the BUYER shall provide valid payment information, i.e. credentials of a credit card or cards, which belong to the BUYER, are not expired and have the BUYER’s signature on the back.

3.4 The BUYER shall carefully inspect the items, delivered by the freight carrier or picked up from the fulfillment center, following the Freight Inspection instructions as described in article 7 hereof, before signing the delivery slip.

3.5 Once the delivery slip is signed, the BUYER shall be fully liable for any damage occurring to the purchased items afterwards.


4.1 The prices displayed on our website are quoted in US dollars and are valid and effective only in the US and are subject to change from time to time.

4.2 All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that prices for an order that have been placed by clicking Checkout at a1solarstore.com are not subject to change. Prices stated do not include any sales, use or excise tax or any other tax, duty or charge which is now in effect or may be hereafter imposed by any Federal, State or other authority. All such taxes, duties or other charges shall be paid by BUYER unless BUYER shall provide A1SOLARSTORE an exemption certificate acceptable to the appropriate authorities.

4.3 There are several payment options available: credit card, PayPal and ACH. For large purchases the bank wire option shall be requested.

4.5 Should any fraudulent activity be detected, A1SOLARSTORE has the right to cancel the BUYER's order without any additional explanations.


5.1 A1SOLARSTORE has a distribution network throughout the continental United States. We work with the top freight carriers like XPO, FedEx, ODFL, R&L etc.

5.2 Delivery is performed in a manner called ‘curbside delivery’. This means that the freight carrier delivers the goods to the curbside, without bringing them up the driveway or onto the BUYER’s property. Liftgate service is optional and shall be especially requested at an additional charge.

5.3 Goods shall be delivered to the place named on, and in accordance with, the Purchase Order.

5.4 Delivery normally takes 5-7 business days on average, from the day of transport pickup by the freight carrier.

5.5 Should any delivery delay occur, A1SOLARSTORE shall inform the BUYER of such a delay and, if possible, provide an estimated delivery date. A1SOLARSTORE shall not be liable for any delivery delays.


6.1 Goods shall be stored in the fulfillment center indicated in the Purchase Order.

6.2 Goods are ready for pickup no earlier than 2 business days from the order placement.

6.3 The pickup date and time shall be provided by A1SOLARSTORE and can be negotiated by phone or email.

6.4 The BUYER shall take all measures necessary to safely transport the purchased items. Some recommendations for safe solar equipment transportation are described here.


7.1 The BUYER shall inspect the goods during or immediately after their delivery or pickup.

7.2 The BUYER is recommended to follow these freight inspection instructions:

a. Make sure pallets are not stacked on top of each other when there is Do Not Stack labeling present;

b. Verify the number and description of the items by comparing to your delivery slip;

c. Check all angles of the freight;

d. Inspect the top and bottom of pallets looking for footprints, broken glass, damaged corners, etc.

e. Check the product packaging for dents or punctures.

7.3 If the goods received or picked up by the BUYER fully conform with the Purchase Order in terms of quality and quantity, the BUYER shall sign the delivery slip.

7.4. If the goods received or picked up by the BUYER do not conform with the Purchase Order whether by reason of not being of the right quality or in the right quantity, the BUYER shall document the nonconformity with a camera and note all damages and missing items as specifically as possible on the delivery slip before signing it.


8.1 The BUYER has the right to report any problem taking place with the order within 24 hours after signing the delivery slip.

8.2 Claims shall be submitted through the Report a problem form.

8.3 The BUYER shall provide clear and full evidence of any issue occurred, including photos and detailed description.

8.4 A1SOLARSTORE shall take all necessary measures to investigate the case and fulfill the BUYER’s claim to the extent possible.


9.1 The BUYER has the right to return the goods within 14 calendar days after signing the delivery slip provided the goods are in resalable condition.

9.2 Return can be requested via email.

9.3 The BUYER shall bear the cost and expense of shipping of the goods to be returned.

9.4 Once return is approved and processed, A1SOLARSTORE shall refund the cost of the goods to be returned minus a 20% restocking fee within 90 calendar days after the reception of the goods from the BUYER


10.1 The BUYER has the right to cancel the order before it has been shipped or picked from the fulfillment center.

10.2 Cancellation can be requested on the order details page or from one of the transactional emails.

10.3 A1SOLARSTORE shall refund the full amount of the canceled order within 90 calendar days after the order's cancellation.

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