Solar Scholarship to fight climate change

Climate change is a sensitive topic. For some, it’s some distant thing, and for some, it’s not a thing at all. And yet scientists report that global temperatures grow and summers get hotter with each year.

A1 SolarStore team believes that the problem of climate change exists and if there is a solution, renewable energy is at least a part of it. Therefore the keys to the future of humankind lie in the hands of engineers. To increase awareness and keep the problem in the spotlight, we launch a scholarship to help applicants learn more about renewable energy and ways to use it against climate change.

A1 Solar Scholarship has concluded!

The winner of the A1 Solar Scholarship 23/24 is Michael Schoff from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Michael is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with a focus on renewable energy and climate engineering. He’s going to use the $1,000 award to pay tuition at Dartmouth College.

We thank all the participants for their amazing essays. Our jury was amazed by the projects that some of you undertook and described in your works. Your efforts, ideas and hopes for a better tomorrow are inspiring.

Check out A1 Solar Scholarship 23/24 report in our magazine to learn more about the participants.

How Solar Scholarship works



You’ll receive instructions and the essay topic by email


Write an essay

Be creative and don’t hesitate to show off your writing and engineering skills


Win scholarship

We will pay a $1,000 tuition for chosen program

The scholarship will support an engineering student who decides to pursue an educational program in the field of renewable energy. We’ll provide a $1,000 award to the winner’s institution as tuition after receiving proof of enrollment. 

To participate in the A1 SolarStore Scholarship, start by registering. After completing the application form, you’ll receive a letter with the essay topic and instructions. We accept essays until December 15, 2023. The winner will be announced on March 15, 2024.

December 2023 Update: The application deadline is extended to January 1, 2024!

Eligibility requirements

  • Currently enrolled student attending an accredited North American educational institution
  • Pursuing an Engineering degree
  • Must have cumulative 3.0 GPA/B average or equivalent

About A1 SolarStore

A1 SolarStore is an American online store of solar equipment. We sell solar panels, inverters and everything you need to build a photovoltaic system.

That’s not all that we do though. A1 SolarStore Magazine and Youtube channel teach about the basics of solar energy and the impact that it brings. A1 SolarStore participates in RE+ events to cooperate and stay in touch with the leaders of American solar industry. We are also proud to be a partner of Solar Energy International (SEI), a non-profit organization from Colorado that educates and trains students, alumni and end-users of solar energy.


What is classified as a renewable energy educational program?
The definition of a renewable energy educational program is broad, and it’s something that we are ready to discuss with the winner. Whether it’s a Master’s program on Renewable energy in an accredited institution, a training program for solar installers from non-profit organizations such as SEI, or a simple Solar 101 course on an online educational platform, such as Coursera or edX, we’ll welcome it.
How will the scholarship winner be chosen? How will they be notified?
Winners will be chosen based on the merit of their application. The winner will be publicly announced on March 15, 2024. Prior to the announcement date, we may contact finalists with additional questions about their application.
How will the scholarship award be paid?
Award checks will be sent to the financial aid office of the winner's academic institution or future academic institution in their name to be applied to their tuition, or to any other qualifying educational platform.
How will scholarship application information be used?
Your privacy is a top priority, and for more information, read our Privacy Policy. You may opt out of communications from A1 SolarStore at any time, and unless we’ve first notified you and gotten your consent, you’ll never receive communication from any third parties related to the personal information you give us.
When will the scholarship winner be chosen? How will they be notified?
We’ll announce the winner on March 15, 2024 unless the number of applications gets too big to review them all on time — in this case, the announcement will be postponed to a later date. We’ll notify the winner by email.
How will my scholarship application be verified?
Before we award the scholarship, the winner will be required to confirm their academic enrollment status. Depending on the circumstances, verification of Student ID and/or their most recent transcript will be required.
How should I get in touch with questions?
If you have any questions about this scholarship, email at and we’ll get back to you.

Take Part in $1,000 Scholarship Contest

  • Amount: $1,000 USD
  • For whom: Engineering students
  • Field of study: Renewable energy
  • Selection criteria: Essay, impact
  • Deadline: January 1, 2024
  • Winners announced: March 15, 2024 
Application process has closed