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Phono Solar Panels

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Phono Solar Panels

Every manufacturer you can find at A1SolarSrtore is trustworthy and reliable. We carefully check the quality of solar equipment they make and the warranties they offer before putting their products up for sale. Phono Solar really won our heart, and here is why.

About Phono Solar

Phono Solar is a Chinese solar equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 2007 by the Sumec/Sinomach conglomerate and has been producing a range of PV products, with solar panels being the primary focus.

Products of Phono Solar have been recognized by PHOTON Laboratory, PVEL and DNV-GL as Top Performer since 2016. All Phono solar panels undergo 36 quality control tests and come with comprehensive warranties.

Highly efficient Phono Solar panels

Phono Solar can be justifiably proud of its big research and development team consisting of more than 80 R&D personnel. They constantly strive to develop state-of-the-art solar product technologies to ensure maximum efficiency of their products.
  • Ultra Clear AR Coating Tempered PV Glass
  • PID resistance
  • PERC and Half-Cut Cell Technologies
  • 12% higher transmittance and 30% lower reflection than common glass
  • 95% power guaranteed in 10 years
  • 22.8% maximum efficiency of Phono solar panels

Phono Solar Features

Strict quality control system 

Phono Solar has a state-level quality supervision and testing center, which ensures that solar equipment can withstand extreme weather of deserts, strong winds and tropical high temperatures.

Constant development

Phono Solar has developed over 20 patents and launched several technological achievements, such as black silicon module, half-cell module, bifacial module, etc.

High reliability

Phono Solar has been listed as Tier 1 PV module manufacturer by Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance (BNEF) rating. It means you’re safe with Phono’s warranties: 15-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

Below-average cost

Phono Solar produces low cost monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels and solar equipment. The price depends on the rated power output of the solar panel, ranging from about $150 to $250 per module. Check current prices on Phono Solar modules here.

Phono Solar installation


Phono Solar panels can be secured using traditional fixings, such as bolts and clamps. Phono modules can be installed on rooftop and ground, but must not be mounted on moving vehicles of any kind.

Weather conditions

Phono Solar panels are designed to work well under the most challenging environmental conditions. According to the manufacturer, the operational temperature is from -40 to +185°F. In addition, Phono Solar modules are impact-resistant, meaning they are able to withstand 2400 Pa wind load, 5400 Pa snow load, and 25 mm hailstones. However, the following conditions are required to get the most out of your panels:

  • clear, non-cloudy summer day;
  • zero shading;
  • the temperature of about 77°F.

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Frequently asked questions

Our standard shipping charge is $175 for up to 11 panels and it is increased by $25 for every 4 additional panels. In the event, the product is only available on East or West coast custom quote will be sent to you before the order is processed. Normally, we are able to deliver solar panels within 7 business days.

With top tier solar panels, you pay for the brand name, proprietary new technology, higher energy output, and better warranty support.

Please refer to the product datasheet on the product page. We have a datasheet for every product we sell.

In general, manufacturers provide a 25 year-long performance warranty and a 10 year-long equipment guarantee. Some manufacturers offer 12-15 years of warranty. More information is available in our warranty support section.

We recommend Panasonic and Mission Solar panels for smaller systems as their high energy output and excellent craftsmanship guarantee years of service.

Any of our panels can be used for a 12v system with a properly selected inverter and charge controller.

Yes, we can set up a pick up at a local distributor. Please call to discuss options and stock availability.

To achieve the best system efficiency, panels should be connected in series to create higher voltage.

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