State Solar Power Rankings

State Rank AC Energy (kWh) Solar Radiation (kWh / m2 / day)
Arizona 1 7288.64 6.30
California 6 6745.44 5.97
Colorado 7 7359.61 6.19
Florida 11 6496.88 5.62
Georgia 15 6134.35 5.38
Maine 46 5469.62 4.66
Maryland 28 6023.90 5.07
Massachusetts 40 5710.24 4.92
Minnesota 42 5860.75 4.81
Nevada 3 7053.83 5.95
New Jersey 32 5849.03 4.92
New Mexico 2 7637.80 6.55
New York 36 5692.20 4.72
North Carolina 19 6047.01 5.32
Texas 8 6634.49 5.73
Utah 9 6641.90 5.60
Wyoming 10 6841.77 5.73
Solar panels produce per day and sunny days in each state

It is obvious now that solar industry is becoming progressively widespread. Many people chose to turn to renewable energy, and more and more roofs are becoming shiny with modern-looking solar panels. Clearly, by now, you have heard about all the benefits of solar energy, but probably you still would like to know whether solar panels would work in your home. It is important to know how the state where you live compares to the rest of the states in regards to solar adoption.

Solar energy state rankings vary greatly and depend on many factors. Some of the most important factors include the amount of daily sunlight, availability of RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard), electricity prices, Net Metering, payback period, property and sales tax exemption, tax credits, rebates, interconnection standards, and an average return on investment. With the solar industry gaining such popularity, many states across the country are competing to make the top of the list of the best states for solar. Some of the most advantageous states for solar are considered the states with the shortest payback period. Once your solar system is paid off, you can enjoy the benefits of free electricity.

Some of the factors that will influence the shorter payback period are hours of daily sunlight, electricity prices, and solar programs and incentives.

Currently, the top solar states in the nations are California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. The states where interest in solar has grown dramatically in the last year are New York, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and Illinois.

Take a look at the table and find your state. Right away, you will see the amount of solar insolation or sun hours for this state. This is a very essential number since solar panels need direct sunlight to work properly. Solar panels generate electricity throughout the whole day but they are most efficient when the sun’s rays shine directly on them. That is why is it essential to determine if the region where you live receives enough sunlight.

Then, click on the state to see more details on solar facts in your area and find out how solar-friendly your state is.

We put all of this information in one place so you can easily see where your state ranks in the solar power industry. After looking at this data and seeing state solar power rankings, you should feel very confident whether or not switching to solar energy is the right decision for you.