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Meyer Burger 380W Solar Panel 120 Cell MB-380-HJT120-BB-T5

  • Rated Power Output 380 W
  • Voltage (VOC)44.6 V
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Oct 02–05

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45% OFF

Meyer Burger 370W Solar Panel 120 Cell MB-370-HJT120-BB-T5

  • Rated Power Output 370 W
  • Voltage (VOC)44.4 V
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Oct 02–05

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Meyer Burger 375W Solar Panel 120 Cell MB-375-HJT120-BB-T5

  • Rated Power Output 375 W
  • Voltage (VOC)44.5 V
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Oct 02–05

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Trina 360W Solar Panel 132 cell TRI-TSM-360-DE06X

  • Rated Power Output 360 W
  • Voltage (VOC)44.8V
  • Cell number132 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Oct 02–05


In this section you can find clearance solar panels. These are the panels that are still in stock but in low numbers. They come with a 30-50% discount but the Return Policy does not apply to them. Basically, you can get quality solar panels for a lower price but there is a risk they’ll break along the way, and in this case, we won’t be able to replace them.

Get high-quality solar panels with a 30-50% discount

Any kind of panel from our store can end up in the clearance section. This means that you may be able to get your hands on high-quality and expensive premium-class panels for half of their usual price.

Before you ask — no, there is nothing wrong with these panels. Items in the clearance section haven’t been in use and they don’t have any defects. The only problem is there aren’t many of them. This means:

  • We won’t be able to replace the panels if some of them arrive broken.
  • The number of panels left can be too low for you to build a powerful home system out of them.
  • These panels are in high demand so you have to act quickly. Our website always shows the current number of items in stock.

Discounted solar panels can’t be replaced

Our Return Policy doesn’t apply to solar panels in the clearance section. If these panels arrive broken, we can’t replace them simply because we don’t have any more of them. Remember that the chance of breakage increases with the distance that a carrier has to cover. A small number of panels in a package can also increase the risks.

We always charge a shipping fee when it comes to discount clearance solar panels. Read about shipping to learn more. However, solar panels for clearance come with a discount even if you choose to pick them up from one of our fulfillment centers yourself. In this case, you take care of the shipping yourself but you can’t return these panels.

Call us for more info

For more information on clearance sales, please contact our support team at (800) 557-5686. Live customer service is available 10 AM - 6 PM EST.

Stay tuned

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