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Silfab 380W Solar Panel 120 cell SIL-380-HC Assembled in USA

  • Rated Power Output 380 W
  • Voltage (VOC)42.17 V
  • Number of cells120
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline


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380 Watt Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming popular very rapidly with their price going down and their features improving with every passing year. Property owners are looking for ways to generate more electricity and save money. Here, we are discussing highly efficient 380 Watt solar panels with improved performance and great energy yields. 
380W solar panels are generally used in commercial installations. Since this module is more powerful than best-selling panels of a smaller wattage, the 380 watt solar panel price is a bit higher than average. However, a 380W solar panel is very cost-efficient and allows you to generate more energy from a square foot than with less powerful panels.

Advantages of 380 Watt solar panels

  • Excellent power output even in low light conditions. 
  • Better efficiency thanks to half-cut cell configuration. 
  • High efficiency at high temperatures. See 380 watt solar panel specifications for all the numbers and additional data.
  • Very-cost effective and price competitive.
  • Require fewer panels due to increased energy generation.
  • Improved performance due to lowered resistive losses.
  • Increased durability thanks to smaller cell size and therefore reduced probability of microcracking. A 380 W solar panel can easily withstand a hurricane.

The average price of 380 Watt panels

380W solar panel price depends mostly on the brand. We offer many affordable options for 380 Watt solar panels from different manufacturers. Their price range is from $210 to $260.

Sizes of 380 Watt panels

A 380 Watt solar panel has 144 half-cut solar cells with measurements similar to 72 cell solar panels. The dimensions of an average 380 Watt solar panel are about 78” x 39” x 1.4”. Depending on the manufacturer the weight of a 380 Watt solar panel can range from 50 to 63 lbs. The numbers may vary, so be careful and plan ahead: 380 watt solar panel dimensions will determine how many of them you’ll be able to fit on your roof.

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