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Schneider Electric Charge Controller Conext XW-MPPT60-150

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current60 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels150 V

Delivery on May 31 – Jun 05

Midnite Classic is a series of modern and safe charge controllers made by an American company. Not only these controllers are suited perfectly for solar power installation, they are also used with hydropower and wind power setups.

As any other solar regulator, a Midnite charge controller serves to protect your energy storage in off-grid or hybrid systems. Due to implementation of Arc Fault Detection technology, some experts consider Midnite Classic to be the safest controller on the market. The MPPT technology allows to maximize the production of your array.

Sizing a Midnite Classic controller

The number in the name of the model represents the maximum voltage that this controller is built to withstand on the input. The manufacturer offers models with maximum 250 VDC (Volt Direct Current) which means that one controller is able to handle longer and more powerful strings of solar panels.

To get the minimum amps size of the controller for your system, divide the power of your array by the volts of the battery. The voltage on the input of your Midnite solar charge controller is the sum of the Vocs of your panels.

Midnite Classic features

The Midnite Classic charge controller can be used with batteries of a different voltage range – from 12V to 72V. Not only does this regulator measure the load of a battery and tell you its current state, it also measures the temperature of a battery. Don’t forget that high temperatures are very dangerous for batteries and can drastically shorten the lifetime of your energy storage.

The controller’s settings can be managed remotely – you can connect the device to the Internet via Ethernet. Midnite Classic records logging data and has 20 Megabytes as a storage. Usually an MPPT charge controller lasts from 10 to 15 years. The warranties for Midnite solar Classic are issued for 5 years.

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