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OutBack Power Charge Controllers



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OUTBACK Charge Controller MPPT 60A Battery FM60-150VDC

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid, 48 VDC Lithium-ion
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current60 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels60 V

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OutBack FM80-150VDC 80A FLEXmax MPPT Charge Controller

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid, 48 VDC Lithium-ion
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current80 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels150 V

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OutBack Power is an American company founded in 2001. In our store you can take a look at charge controllers that they make.

Charge controller is a protection device for your battery. It doesn’t allow the overcharging or functioning in the state of deep discharge. It also brings the voltage of PV modules down to the safe level for a battery. Moreover, with an OutBack MPPT solar charge controller you can maximize the production of your system and harvest around 30% more from your solar power installation than with PWM regulator.

MPPT controllers

MPPT controllers are special in a way that they handle the voltage of your array. Instead of just limiting it for a battery like PWM regulators do, MPPT regulator converts it into a current for a battery. This allows us to use the electric power of solar panels to the maximum and not to be constrained by the properties of a battery.

MPPT regulators are more complex internally and therefore cost more. Their lifetime is a bit shorter than the one of PWM-controllers – 10-15 years on average.

OutBack controllers

OutBack charge controller is best suited for a residential solar installation. The built-in fan ensures the cooling of a device. The average power consumption of an Outback solar charge controller in standby mode is usually less than 1W. The overall efficiency of the Outback power system reaches as high as 98.44%.

The american engineers worked hard to make their controller very adjustable to the needs of a customer. You can program the controller to your liking and manage the charging process as you prefer. Of course, you can perform the equalization of a battery with OutBack controllers, much like with a smart charger. Every controller is equipped with a display that allows you to monitor the state of your battery and panels.

Make sure to size your Outback solar charge controller carefully. The minimum amps size of a controller is calculated by dividing the combined power of your array by the voltage of a battery. Plus, you have to make sure that the controller will be able to withstand the voltage that is coming from panels. See the model’s specifications for details. Usually for every OutBack solar controller a 5-year warranty is issued.

Take a look at solar controllers in our store – surely, we’ve got something that will catch your interest. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help you with them.

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