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Ecoflow solar generator review: Call for backup

U.S. electricity customers have averaged 7-8 hours of power interruptions in the last years. Having an energy backup is handy when you are forced to sit in the dark. Being able to take it on a hike with you is also a nice option. That’s why we look at portable energy solutions in our Ecoflow solar generators review and judge how good they are.

Solar generator = Panels + Power station

A solar generator refers to a kit that includes solar panels and a power station. The power station combines an inverter, a battery, and a charge controller into a single unit.

You can plug your appliances and devices into power station as if you were using a standard home outlet

Solar panels generate electricity by converting sunlight into direct current (DC). This DC power can be stored in the power station's battery or used directly to power DC devices. Most appliances and electronics operate on alternating current (AC), so the inverter inside the power station converts the DC power into AC power. 

Solar generators don't require fuel since they harness energy from the sun. This makes them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. Solar generators also produce no emissions or odors, and they operate silently.

These generators are most popular for camping trips. People also use solar generators as emergency backup power source for home more and more. During power outages or emergencies, a solar generator can provide electricity to power essential devices and appliances, such as lights, refrigerators, communication devices, and medical equipment.

Ecoflow is a Chinese-American company

Ecoflow has headquarters in Shenzhen and San Francisco

Ecoflow company was founded in 2017. It offers solar generators, portable and rigid PV modules, power stations as well as accessories for them. It also sells smart devices such as home panels, batteries and trackers for solar panels.

The company emphasizes the use of advanced battery technologies, such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. They provide longer-lasting performance, higher energy density, and improved safety compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Ecoflow products incorporate smart features, like mobile app integration, enabling users to monitor and control their power systems remotely.

Ecoflow solar power generators: Capacity, cost, quality

Let’s take a closer look at the solar products that EcoFlow offers. We’ll be looking at the power capacity, cost and rating of Chinese-American generators.

Capacity: Looking at the River and the Delta

There are two lines of power stations from Ecoflow: River and Delta.

River power stations have a capacity from 256 to 768Wh. With a separate battery module, you can get an energy bank with a 1440Wh size. These stations are designed to be portable. Their application is to provide you with energy in your travels. It is the best choice for campers, boondockers and sailors.

25 kWh

maximum power capacity of Delta power station

Delta stations have a capacity from 882Wh to 3kWh. By adding battery modules to a Delta station, you can get an energy bank with a capacity of up to 25kWh. Some models have wheels but it’s clear Delta stations aren’t something that you want to take you on a trip. Instead, they are designed to serve as a backup at home. The advantage that they have over home batteries like Powerwall is easy setup. 

Cost: Lower than average

Ecoflow offers rigid and portable solar panels as well. They range in output from 60W to 400W. Their cost ranges from $1 to a little over $2 per watt which is better than average numbers on the market of portable panels. 

Power stations from Ecoflow cost from $0.5 to $1 per watt-hours of capacity. This is significantly less than the average numbers on the market. When you combine the panels and a power station together, you find that the final cost of an Ecoflow solar generator ecoflow is quite budget-friendly. 

Quality: Higher than average

4.5 stars

average rating of Ecoflow power stations on Amazon

Most power stations from Ecoflow get a 5-year warranty. Some models get 2-year coverage. Solar panels have their own warranty which lasts for 12 months. The warranties for power stations match the average numbers on the market. Portable panels usually have a short coverage period but even then 12 months is not that much. 

One of the advantages of Ecoflow power stations is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. They live for much longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. For example, Delta Pro survives over 6,500 charge cycles. 

The reviews on the Ecoflow solar generator are overall positive. Customers highlight the performance of power stations, build quality and customer service. Most complaints are about the small capacity of power stations. 

Ecoflow solar generators: Pros

What are the strong sides of Ecoflow products? Here is what stands out about them:
• Low cost. Ecoflow solar generator prices are budget-friendly and lower than average numbers on the market.
• Good customer service. Customers say that customer support is friendly, helpful and quick to respond.
• Positive reviews. Ecoflow customers are overall satisfied with the products and leave lots of 5-star reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Ecoflow solar generators: Cons

Let’s look at the negatives as well. Here is what we found to be not-so-great about Ecoflow:
• Warranties. Portable panels usually have a short coverage period but even then 12 months is a little. Some customers reported having trouble with returning the products.
• Small capacity. Even the most powerful power station from Ecoflow is not big enough to power your home, when on its own. As is, it can’t be an alternative to home batteries, unless you add supplementary battery modules.

Top 3 Ecoflow solar generators

Our engineer has made a list of his favorite generator models from EcoFlow. Let’s take a look at the product that the company puts out on the market.  

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max + 160W portable solar panel

The River 2 Max solar power generator is a combination of the River power station and a folding 160 W portable solar panel. The solar panel has an adjustable angle of 180°. It takes about 4 hours to charge the River station using the solar panel. If you prefer, you can also recharge it using an AC outlet, car charger, or the new USB-C.

The station's LFP battery is designed to handle over 3000 full cycles, allowing you to use the River 2 Max almost every day for 10 years. Additionally, the power station comes with a 5-year product warranty.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 + 220W portable solar panel

This bundle has Delta 2 power station and Ecoflow 220W bifacial portable solar panel. The station provides 1024Wh of power capacity. You can add the Delta 2 extra battery to reach 2048Wh, or Delta Max Extra Battery to hit 3040Wh.

The bifacial solar panel can generate up to 3kWh of energy per day. You can charge the station from 0% to 100% in 6 hours with one panel and in 3 hours with two sets. Ecoflow provides a 5-year warranty for DELTA 2 and a 12-month warranty for a 220W bifacial portable solar panel. You can control the Ecoflow Dela solar generator and monitor the production remotely through an app.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W portable solar panel

Delta Pro power station by EcoFlow is equipped with a substantial 3.6 kWh capacity. This power station with an LFP battery is capable of enduring over 6500 full charging cycles. Whether you're on the move or in need of a reliable home backup, Delta Pro is your solution. It boasts an impressive 3600 W of AC output, enabling you to power heavy-duty appliances like dryers, air-conditioning units, and more.

To transform the Delta Pro from a power station into a solar generator for your home or travels, add a 400W foldable solar panel. Weighing just 27.5 lbs, the EcoFlow panel comes with a protective case that conveniently converts into a stand. Adjust the angle between 40° and 90° to optimize solar production. With the EcoFlow app, you can effortlessly monitor your new system directly from your smartphone.

For those seeking even greater power, EcoFlow recommends stacking multiple units together. By pairing two units, you can achieve an impressive 7200W AC output. This option is ideal for reliable home energy backup.

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