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Inergy solar generators review: Taking charge

When the journey gets hard, a shoulder to rely on becomes the most important. That’s why American hikers, boondockers and sailors are always on the lookup for the best generators and backup stations to use in their travels. To help them make the right choice, we share our Inergy solar generators review — an unbiased writeup about power stations and panels from a small American company.

Solar generator is panels and power station together

A solar generator is a kit that includes solar panels and a power station. The power station has an inverter, a battery, and a charge controller all in one.

Solar panels make electricity by turning sunlight into direct current (DC). This DC power can be stored in the power station's battery or used right away for devices that use DC power. Most of our appliances and electronics need the inverter inside the power station to change the DC power into AC power.

One cool thing about solar generators is that they don't need fuel because they use energy from the sun. This makes them good for the environment and saves you money over time. They also don't produce any emissions or odors, and they run quietly.

Solar generators are really popular for camping trips. More and more people are using them as a backup power source for their homes during emergencies as well. When there's a power outage or emergency, a solar generator can provide electricity for essential devices and appliances like lights, refrigerators, communication devices, and medical equipment.

Inergy solar generators: Performance, cost, quality

Let’s look at generators that Inergy puts out on the market closer. We’ll cover the power capacity, cost, reviews and warranties of Inergy generators further down the line.

Power capacity: Moderate

Inergy offers only a few different models of power stations. The smallest in capacity, Kodiak LT, has a 350Wh built-in battery. The largest is the Kodiac X2 power station with a 1280Wh battery capacity. Thus you can only get a large battery bank if you stack units or buy extra batteries. Powering the whole house in case of an outage seems like a tall order for a sole Inergy power station.

Cost: Budget-friendly

Power stations from the company are relatively budget-friendly. If we measure their cost through the capacity, we could say that they come at slightly below $1 per watt-hour. This makes Inergy solar stations cost less than average. 

Inergy pairs power stations with solar panels and also sells PV modules separately even though solar panels aren’t their main focus. As of summer 2023, they offer two kinds of panels: Ascent and Storm. Both provide 100W power output and the price for them ranges from $1.3 to $2.5 per watt. For portable solar panels, that’s a reasonable cost.

Quality and reviews: Mixed

The company uses high-quality NMC and LFP batteries in its power stations. Their NMC batteries survive over 2,000 charge cycles. LFP batteries live for over 6,000 charge cycles. 

The warranty period for all Inergy power stations is 2 years. Solar panels get a 1-year warranty. The Flex Pro batteries from the company receive 10-year support. 

The reviews for Inergy solar generators seem to be mixed. There are lots of positive reviews but there are some negative ones as well. Some people pointed out that the specs of some power stations are misleading and the output of power stations doesn’t go as high as promised. Some had a poor customer service experience. Others complain that cross-branding is not an option with Inergy products: you always have to pair a power station with the panels from the same company.

Inergy solar generators: Pros

What are the strong sides of Inergy products? Here is what stands out about them:

• Reasonable cost. Inergy solar generator prices are slightly lower than average and accessible even to those on a tight budget.
• Strong batteries. Inergy uses NMC and LFP batteries in their power stations which survive for over 2000 and 6000 cycles respectively.

Inergy solar generators: Cons

Not everything is great about Inergy solar generators. Let’s look at the negatives as well:

• Small product line. Inergy has only a few models of power stations and a couple of solar panel models so there aren’t many options to choose from.
• Mixed reviews. While a lot of people seemingly enjoy using Inergy generators, there is a fair number of complaints about inflated specifications and poor performance.

Top 3 Inergy solar generators

Our engineer has made a list of his favorite generator models from Inergy. Let’s take a look at the product that the company puts out on the market.

Inergy Flex Tactical 1500: Strategic choice

This solar generator combines Inergy Flex Tactical 1500 power station with four 100W Storm solar panels. The power station has a lithium-ion NMC battery with a capacity of 1,058Wh. With a cycle life of up to 2000 cycles, it is built to last and deliver sustainable power for your needs. The 1500W continuous pure sine wave AC output, with a surge capacity of 3,000W, ensures seamless and stable electricity, powering your devices anywhere you want it.

Inergy Kodiak X2: For home and travel

A Silver Kit from Inergy includes Kodiac X2 power station and two 100W solar panels. The station has a 1280Wh LFP battery for all your power needs. The 1200-2400W pure sine wave continuous AC inverter delivers smooth and consistent electricity with an MPPT charge controller optimizing the efficiency of your system. The battery boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. The company offers a 2-year warranty for the solar generator. 

Inergy Apex solar generator: Bestseller

The model that the American company is probably the most famous for is Apex Inergy solar generator. It appears that the manufacturer no longer supplies it. The Apex power station featured a peak 1,500W pure sine wave inverter. It had a 1,100Wh battery capacity that could survive up to 2,000 cycles. The company highlights the low weight of Inergy Apex solar generators which is only 25 pounds. The device had 1-year warranty support.

The Apex power station overall collected positive reviews online. However, some reported having difficulties using it for radio communications. Inergy Apex solar generator cost varied around $0.9 to $1 per Wh.

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