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SEG Solar panels review 2024: Settling in Texas

Born in California and shipped worldwide, SEG Solar prides itself on being an internationally recognized Tier 1 American solar module manufacturer. How American is it though? Get ready – here comes our SEG solar panels review.

SEG Solar story: Seraphim, California, Houston

Founded in California in 2016
Headquartered in Houston, Texas
Tier 1 solar company
Production facilities in the US, Thailand, Indonesia, and China
5.5 GW global PV module capacity in 2024
2 years awarded as Top Performer by PVEL

SEG Solar was founded in 2016 in California but is currently headquartered in Houston, Texas. While it is branding itself as “a pure US solar company”, the web says that SEG Solar is a former US division of Chinese solar panel manufacturer Seraphim. So far, all the panels seem to be manufactured overseas: SEG Solar operates facilities in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Thailand. The factory in Houston, Texas, is scheduled to launch in 2024.

Compared to industry giants, SEG Solar is a small brand. In 2024, the company expects to expand their global PV module capacity to over 5.5GW. To put this into perspective, the module production capacity of Jinko Solar, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, is more than 100GW. Still, SEG solar panels compete on a global scale in both the US and European markets. The company has even earned a Tier 1 badge from Bloomberg.

SEG Solar panels: Powerful, efficient, affordable



SEG Solar panels come in a wide range of models, offering wattages between modest 365W and impressive 700W per panel, being among the most powerful on the market. Efficiency generally floats from 20% to 22.5%, competing with that of top-tier brands. The high performance and efficiency make SEG solar panels a great option for both residential and commercial solar systems.

15–30 years

product warranty

Solar panels can also boast a comprehensive warranty package, covering both product and performance. SEG Solar offers a 15 to 30-year product warranty and a 25 to 30-year linear power output warranty. The product warranty covers defects in product, materials and workmanship, while the power output warranty guarantees from 84.8% to 87.4% of the initial output after 25-30 years of operation, depending on the model.


price per watt

A significant advantage of SEG Solar panels is their competitive pricing. SEG solar panels start at about $0.5–$0.8 per watt, falling within the low-range price bracket compared to other Tier 1 brands. These panels have a fantastic price/quality relationship, which can be a major draw for budget-conscious homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to switch to solar power.

SEG Solar panels: Pros

It’s time to break down the bright and dark sides of SEG solar panels. What do these panels shine with?

✓ High power output and efficiency: SEG Solar offers industry-leading efficiency of 20%–22.5% and power output of 365W–700W, ideal for those seeking the most energy from existing space.

✓ Broad range of panel options: Company manufactures a variety of panels catering to different priorities. This allows homeowners and businesses to choose panels that best suit their roof size and energy generation goals.

✓ Competitive pricing within Tier 1 brands: SEG Solar panels fall within a reasonable price range compared to other established Tier 1 brands, offering an affordable option without sacrificing quality.

SEG Solar panels: Cons

Panels seem perfect, but are they? Here are some drawbacks we’re not happy about:

✗ Not widely available: With a growing presence, SEG Solar panels might not be readily available in all regions. The pricing details are also scarce, challenging direct price comparisons.

✗ Few customer reviews: Compared to more established solar panel manufacturers, it’s challenging to find information or reviews from independent sources about SEG Solar. The number of existing reviews is limited, making it harder to get a comprehensive picture based on customer experiences. Well, it’s a small brand.

SEG Solar panels overview: Variety of options

Time to move from specifications to the real panels. Let’s see what SEG Solar can surprise us with.

SEG Solar Zion 365-380W – Nice option for small installations

Looking for a solar panel ideal for your small-scale home project? Here it is – Zion 365-380W. It delivers a reliable power output ranging from 365W to 380W and efficiency from 20% to 20.8%. The panel boasts a 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty. An added bonus? It’s perfectly suited for harsh environments near coasts or lakes.

SEG Solar Yukon N 415-430W – Ideal for home setups

Yukon N 415-430W solar panel is a perfect fit for residential solar setups. This sleek black panel generates 415W to 430W of power with efficiency of 21.2% to 22%. The module is supported by a comprehensive 30-year warranty covering both the product and performance. Even after nearly a third of a century, you’re guaranteed at least 87.4% of the panel’s original output. While it might not be the absolute top performer in power, it’s a nice choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and budget-friendly way to switch to solar power.

SEG Solar Alpine N 685-700W bifacial – Perfect for ambitious solar projects

This is a powerful one. Alpine N 685-700W is an absolute top contender. It shines with an impressive output of 685W to 700W and efficiency between 22% and 22.5%, maximizing electricity generation even in limited space. Alpine N 685-700W also boasts a 15-year product and 30-year performance warranty, guaranteeing at least 87.4% of its initial output after three decades – reliable performance for years to come.

A1 SolarStore recommends SEG Solar Yukon 410W

Out of stock

SEG Solar 410W Solar Panel 108 Cell Yukon SEG-410-BMD-HV Clearance

  • Rated Power Output 410 W
  • Voltage (VOC)37.32V
  • Number of cells108
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on May 31 – Jun 05

Yukon 410W is a good addition to the SEG Solar panel lineup. The panel boasts good power output of 410W and a nice efficiency of 21%, promising optimal energy generation. Backed by a 25-year warranty on both product and performance, it is a dependable choice for homeowners seeking a worry-free solar solution.

A1 SolarStore verdict: Plenty to choose from

To round up our SEG Solar panel review, let’s list the most important points about the company and their panels:

  • SEG Solar is a Tier 1 and Top 10 American company founded in 2016 in California and headquartered in Texas.

  • The company has production facilities in the US, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

  • Panel’s power output ranges from 365W to 700W, while their efficiency generally floats from 20% to 22.5%.

  • Solar panels are backed up with a 15-30-year product and a 25-30-year performance warranty.

  • The company offers a variety of options for both home and commercial solar projects.

SEG Solar offers impressive solar panels at a budget-friendly price. Their panels are perfect for both small home projects and large solar farms. The company is small though and their panels aren’t as common as PV modules from bigger brands. With that, we end our SEG Solar panels review. Thinking about making the switch to solar? Explore more solar panels in our store and see if they’re the perfect fit for your needs!

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