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Vikram Solar panels review 2024: Indian star

Vikram Solar has made a name for itself in India, but can their solar panels stack up against the competition on a global scale? Let’s find out – here comes our Vikram Solar panels review.

Vikram Solar story: From India to the global stage

Founded in 2006
Headquartered in Kolkata
3.5 GW module manufacturing capacity
Production facilities in India
Offices in India, US, Germany and China
Presence in over 32 countries

Solar panels are about 10% more expensive to make in India than in China, according to IEA

Vikram Solar, a leading name in the Indian solar industry, has been a major player since its founding in 2006. Based in Kolkata, they’ve become the largest solar module manufacturer by capacity and the second-largest solar energy company by revenue within India. But Vikram Solar’s ambition stretches beyond India’s borders. They’re a global force with a presence in over 32 countries, including the US, Germany, and China.

Beyond manufacturing, Vikram Solar functions as a complete solar energy solutions provider, offering engineering, procurement, and construction services alongside operations and maintenance support. This approach positions them as a one-stop shop for all solar energy needs.

Vikram Solar panels: Powerful and efficient



Vikram Solar boasts a rich portfolio of solar panels with varying wattage outputs. Their models range from budget-friendly 340W panels to high-performance 715W modules. Efficiency generally floats from 20.2% to 23%, competing with that of top brands. The high performance and efficiency make Vikram Solar modules a great option for both residential and commercial solar systems.


product warranty

The company offers a standard warranty of 12 years on product and 27-30 years on power output, guaranteeing from 83.7% to 87.4% of the initial output after 27-30 years of operation, depending on the model. The 12-year product warranty is a little bit disappointing, as leading manufacturers often offer it from 15 and even up to 30 years, while the power output warranty is well within the market average.


price per watt

While specific pricing details for the US market are currently limited, based on industry trends for solar panels, we expect Vikram Solar panels to be priced in the range of $0.6 to $0.8 per watt.

Vikram Solar panels: Pros

It’s time to break down the strengths and weaknesses of Vikram Solar panels. What makes them an attractive option for potential buyers?

✓ Power for every project: Whether you’re on a budget or aiming for maximum output, Vikram Solar offers options. Their panels range from a modest 340W to a powerful 715W, ensuring a perfect fit for your roof and energy needs.

✓ Efficiency champion: Convert sunlight into clean energy like never before. Vikram Solar boasts impressive efficiency levels between 20.2% and 23%, maximizing your power production.

Vikram Solar panels: Cons

While Vikram Solar offers several attractive features, we need to take a closer look at their weaknesses. Here are some we’re not happy about:

✗ Limited global presence: Vikram Solar’s primary focus lies within the Indian market. Their international presence, while expanding, might not be as established as some global solar giants. This can limit their accessibility to customers in certain regions.

✗ Limited independent reviews: A significant portion of online reviews for Vikram Solar panels originate from the Indian market. This can make it challenging to find a reliable pool of US customer reviews on their performance.

✗ Weaker product warranties: 12 years of coverage for a solar panel is not that much by the standards in the industry. There are plenty of brands that offer 25-year product warranties for their PV modules.

Vikram Solar panels overview: Cater to all

Time to move from specifications to the real panels. Let’s explore what Vikram Solar can surprise us with.

Somera 435-465W – For small projects

Made with 144 half-cut cells, Somera offers power outputs between 435W and 465W, perfect for smaller rooftop installations. While not the powerhouse of the market, its efficiency of almost 21% ensures you get the most out of each ray of sunshine. Plus, a remarkable 27-year warranty guarantees at least 83.7% of its initial power output after almost three decades. For homeowners seeking a cost-effective solar solution without sacrificing quality, the Somera 435-465W is the top choice.

Paradea 580-605W - Powerful commercial option

Paradea surpasses its previous counterpart with an impressive power output of 580W to 605W. But that’s just the beginning. It also achieves a remarkable efficiency of 21.3%, converting more sunlight into usable energy for your home. Even after 30 years of service, Paradea retains 83.5% of its original capability, ensuring reliable power generation for decades to come. Paradea is a perfect choice for homeowners and businesses who want a powerful, long-lasting solar solution.

Hypersol 690-715W – The top one

Hypersol cranks out an impressive 690W-715W of power, ideal for large-scale projects. But it isn’t just about brute force – the panel is a champion of efficiency too, boasting a respectable 23%. Be sure – you get the most energy out of every ray of sunshine that hits your roof. A 30-year warranty guarantees at least 87.4% of its initial power output, meaning reliable solar energy for decades to come. Hypersol offers the perfect blend of high power and top-notch efficiency, making it a strong contender for maximizing your energy generation.

A1 SolarStore recommends Vikram Solar Prexos 375W

Out of stock

Vikram Solar 375W Solar Panel 120 Cells Prexos VSMDHT.60.AAA.05 Bifacial

  • Rated Power Output 375 W
  • Voltage (VOC)41.1V
  • Number of cells120
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Jun 04–07

Prexos 375W panel is a smart choice for budget-minded homeowners seeking a reliable entry into solar power. Featuring 120 half-cut cells, it delivers a solid 375 watts of power, perfect for optimizing your home’s energy generation without breaking the bank. This panel also boasts a respectable 20.2% efficiency and comes with a reassuring 12-year product and 27-year performance warranty, guaranteeing at least 83.7% of its initial power output for decades to come.

A1 SolarStore verdict: Great but challenging to find

To round up our Vikram Solar panel review, let’s list the most important points about the company and their panels:

  • Vikram Solar is a leading Indian solar company founded in 2005 in Kolkata.

  • Panel’s power output ranges from 340W to 715W, while their efficiency generally floats from 20.2% to 23%.

  • Solar panels are backed up with a 12-year product and a 27-30-year performance warranty.

  • The company offers a variety of options for both home and commercial solar projects.

Vikram Solar is a reliable company that offers great solar panels. Their main, if not the only, downside is that they are mostly focused on the Indian market and can be difficult to find in the US. We wish the guys to expand their international presence and hope to see some more cool products from them. With that, we end our Vikram Solar panels review. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get fresh brand reviews and learn about the latest arrivals!

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