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Emmvee solar panels review 2024: Hands of Bangalore

Emmvee is one of the Indian companies that is challenging China’s dominance in the solar market. Does it do a good job? Let’s look at what the brand has to offer in our Emmvee solar panels review.

Emmvee’s solar path: From India to the world

Founded in 2007 in Bengaluru, India
1.25 GW module manufacturing capacity
Manufacturing facilities in India

Emmvee’s journey began back in 1992 with Emmvee Solar Systems, manufacturing solar water heating systems in India. In 2007, recognizing the growing demand for photovoltaic modules, the company founded Emmvee Photovoltaic Power headquartered in Bangalore (Bengaluru). With manufacturing facilities in India and international offices in the US, Germany, and Yemen, Emmvee has established a strong brand within the solar energy sector, known for its expertise in project development and Engineering, Procurement and Construction services in India and Europe.

Emmvee’s module manufacturing capacity now totals up to 1.25 GW. Not much by Asian standards, but the company focuses on quality over quantity. Emmvee emphasizes the use of world-class technology, top-quality German components, and a qualified workforce, all contributing to great process reliability and excellent product quality.

Emmvee solar panels: Variety of outputs and efficiencies



Emmvee solar panels offer a power output ranging from 385 watts to 580 watts. This range caters to diverse needs, allowing homeowners and businesses to choose the panels best suited for their energy requirements and available roof space. The panels boast an efficiency range of 19.7% to 22.4%, translating to more electricity from the same amount of sunlight.


product warranty

Emmvee provides a comprehensive warranty package for its solar panels. A 12-year product warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. A 25-30-year performance warranty guarantees that the panels will maintain at least 84.8% to 89.4% of their initial output after 25 to 30 years of operation, depending on the model. A 12-year product warranty is not much as leading manufacturers offer it from 15 and even up to 40 years, but the power warranty is well in line with market averages.


price per watt

The US market does not offer many Emmvee solar panels, so specific pricing information is scarce. Manufacturing solar panels in India is about 10% more expensive than in China, according to EIA, so we expect Emmvee solar panels to come at $0.6 to $0.8 per watt.

Emmvee solar panels: Pros

Time to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of Emmvee solar panels to decide if they’re the right fit for your needs. Why these panels are worth buying:

✓ Variety of options: Emmvee caters to diverse needs with panels ranging from budget-friendly 385W models to high-output 580W modules. You can find the perfect fit for your roof size and energy requirements.

✓ Brand reputation: Emmvee’s long-standing presence in the solar industry, coupled with their impressive track record in project development and manufacturing, reinforces their position as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Emmvee solar panels: Cons

Despite the significant advantages, Emmvee panels have several notable shortcomings. What makes you pause for thought:

✗ Limited global reach: While expanding internationally, Emmvee seems to be primarily focused on the Indian and European markets. This may limit their accessibility for customers in the US compared to more established global brands.

✗ Scarcity of independent reviews: Finding independent reviews from US customers can be challenging. A large portion of online reviews come from the Indian market, making it difficult to gauge real-world performance for American audiences.

✗ Shorter warranties: Emmvee offers a 12-year product warranty on their panels, which falls short of the industry standard. Many competitors provide 15 or even 30-year warranties, giving buyers greater confidence.

Emmvee solar panels: Many options

Emmvee offers a range of solar panels with varying power outputs and efficiencies. Here’s a closer look at some of their models.

Sapphire 395-550W – Long warranty

The Sapphire series offers both good efficiency and power output. The series actually includes PV modules of several sizes but of similar properties. With a range of 395W to 550W, these panels cater to the diverse needs of homeowners and businesses, while 20.2% to 21.3% efficiency ensures good energy production. The extended 30-year performance warranty, guaranteeing 84.9% of initial power by year 30, ensures long-term power generation for at least three decades.

TITANIUM BLACK 415W-485W – Good efficiency

The TITANIUM BLACK series, boasting efficiencies of 21.3% to 22.3%, offers excellent conversion of sunlight into electricity. The power output ranges from 415W to 485W, making them suitable for generating a significant amount of power. While the performance warranty is 25 years instead of 30 years compared to the Sapphire series, it guarantees at least 89.4% of initial output by year 25.

TITANIUM WHITE 560W-580W – Great power

The TITANIUM WHITE series stands out for its high power output, ranging from 560W to 580W. This makes them ideal for situations where maximizing energy generation with limited roof space is crucial. The efficiency remains impressive at 21.6% to 22.4%. Similar to the TITANIUM BLACK series, the performance warranty is 25 years with 89.4% of initial output by year 25.

A1 SolarStore recommends Emmvee Graphite 440W

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This Graphite solar panel offers 440W output and a respectable 20.2% efficiency. While the power output is lower compared to other models, it is just right for residential solar systems. The warranty package is standard – 12 years for product and 25 years for performance with 84.8% of initial output by year 25.

A1 SolarStore verdict: Good but not easy to find

To round up our Emmvee solar panel review, let’s list the most important points about the company and their panels:

  • Emmvee is an Indian solar company founded in 2007 in Bengaluru.

  • Panels’ power output ranges from 385W to 580W, while their efficiency floats from 19.7% to 22.4%.

  • Solar panels are backed up with a 12-year product and a 25-30-year performance warranty.

  • The company offers different options for both home and commercial solar projects.

Emmvee stands for innovation, world-class technology and top quality, but there’s nothing too special about their panels. Yes, they look good on paper, but you can’t surprise the market with that anymore. A challenge for a small brand is to get their product around the world which is why finding Emmvee solar panels in the US can be hard. Despite having an office in Atlanta, the American market is not yet within the focus of their global expansion. With that, we end our Emmvee solar panels review. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get fresh brand reviews and learn about the latest arrivals!

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