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Silfab solar panels

In stock
Silfab SIL 360w Solar Panel 66 cell SIL 360-NX Monocrystalline Black - A1 Solar Store
Cell number 66 cell
DC/Charger Volt Compatible 12v, 24v, 48v
Price per Watt $0.68
Rated Power Output 360 W
Voltage (VOC) 44.5 V
Cell Type Monocrystalline
In stock
Silfab SIL 330w Solar Panel 60 cell SIL 330 BL Monocrystalline Black - A1 Solar Store
Cell number 60 cell
DC/Charger Volt Compatible 12v, 24v, 48v
Price per Watt $0.68
Rated Power Output 330 W
Voltage (VOC) 42.24 V
Cell Type Monocrystalline

Complete guide on solar systems

Learn how solar panels works and choose the one that suits your needs best

Today, more and more people in the world choose to install solar power systems, which is a very good indicator that solar modules are very efficient and productive. We are moving away from a centralized electricity supply to energy independence while protecting the environment.  Canadian solar company Silfab has the same goal. Every installed Silfab solar panel is a step in reducing carbon emissions and providing clean energy to its users. 

About Silfab Solar

Located in Canada, Silfab Solar is the leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, quality monocrystalline solar panels with over 35 years of experience. Silfab Solar features a complete PV manufacturing process, which includes wafers, ingots, R&D, engineering, and product innovation.

Buy American Act compliant, Silfab solar panels are specifically developed for the North Americal market with the lowest defect rate in the USA. 

All Silfab Solar facilities are located in North America and employ a just-in-time manufacturing process to guarantee great service, on-time delivery, and solutions for residential and commercial customers. 

Highly efficient Silfab Solar panels

Silfab Solar Panels are ultra-high-performing premium quality  PV modules that offer maximum power output and great energy yields in various weather conditions and under low irradiance. They achieve the highest efficiency (of up to 19.4%)  due to Back Contact technology. 

Silfab Solar features

Silfab Solar offers solar panels for commercial and residential projects. Silfab solar modules range in size and efficiency but guarantee the highest quality possible. All Silfab solar panels are suitable for ground-mount, roof-top, and solar tracking installations where maximum power density is required.

What mounting is suitable for Silfab Solar panels?

When mounting Silfab solar panels, the installation location must be taken into account, and in the case of roof installation, the roofing material. 

First, the most convenient and correct place needs to be chosen for the installation of solar panels. If the ground type of installation suits you, then there are two types of ground mounting: standard ground mount and pole mount. Standard ground mount uses a metal frame that is screwed into the ground to hold solar modules.  Pole mounting is considered the most reliable type of mounting and can hold multiple panels. 

If you plan to use the roof to place the panels, then you should think not only about the method of attachment but also about the roofing material. Most roofing materials are suitable for Silfab solar panels with the metal roofs being the best choice and slate roofs being not ideal. 

How long is the warranty on the Silfab Solar panels?

All Silfab solar panels come with industry-leading 25-year product workmanship and a 30-year performance warranty, which is a premium coverage compared to other brands.

What is the price of Silfab Solar panels?

Highly rated yet reasonably priced Silfab solar panels may be purchased at our online store for around $215. 

What conditions are suitable for Silfab Solar panels?

Due to Silfab’s durability and reliability, their solar panels are made to withstand very harsh environmental conditions like heavy snowfall or strong wind. Silfab solar panels work in any weather and even under a snow cover, due to its high sensitivity and excellent energy output. 

The efficiency of Silfab solar panels depends on light intensity. The better the illumination, the more energy solar modules will generate. But weather and climate conditions are no less significant factors that affect solar panel productivity.

Silfab solar panels are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 °F to +185 °F, however, the panels reach their maximum efficiency at lower temperatures. 

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Frequently asked questions

Our standard shipping charge is $195 for up to 11 panels and it is increased by $25 for every 4 additional panels. In the event, the product is only available on East or West coast custom quote will be sent to you before the order is processed. Normally, we are able to deliver solar panels within 7 business days.

With top tier solar panels, you pay for the brand name, proprietary new technology, higher energy output, and better warranty support.

Please refer to the product datasheet on the product page. We have a datasheet for every product we sell.

In general, manufacturers provide a 25 year-long performance warranty and a 10 year-long equipment guarantee. Some manufacturers offer 12-15 years of warranty. More information is available in our warranty support section.

We recommend Panasonic and Mission Solar panels for smaller systems as their high energy output and excellent craftsmanship guarantee years of service.

Any of our panels can be used for a 12v system with a properly selected inverter and charge controller.

Yes, we can set up a pick up at a local distributor. Please call to discuss options and stock availability.

To achieve the best system efficiency, panels should be connected in series to create higher voltage.

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