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REC 360W Solar Panel 120 Cell REC360TP4 Wholesale in pallet 33 panels

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Rated Power Output 360 W
Voltage (VOC)40.6 V
Maximum String Voltage 1000V
Cell number
  • 120 cell
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19.7 %
Connector TypeMC4
Backsheet Color
  • black
Frame Color
  • white
Dimensions LxWxH69.09 × 40.94 × 1.18 in
Weight44.09 lb
Pallet Qty33
Manufacturer Part #REC360TP4
Operating Temperatures −40°F to +185°F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty25 years Manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product


Black 360 is a model that uses a number of technologies to bring durability and performance to the next level. The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology ensures excellent power output. This solar cell type employs an additional reflective layer to absorb more sunlight. 

Another advantage is the half-cut cell technology. Black 360 has solar cells half the size of those installed in conventional panels. The main benefits are decreased power loss, improved longevity and better low-light performance. At 19.7% efficiency, Black 360 offers surprising performance for its weight and size. REC offers 25 years of product warranty and guarantees 84.8% of original performance after 25 years of operation. 

  • 360 W power output
  • 120 half-cut PERC cells
  • 19.7% efficiency
  • 1000 V DC maximum system voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • 25-year product and 25-year performance warranties

More power and efficiency

An already high efficiency of 19.7% is further enhanced by PERC technology. By adding a solid PID resistance and special glass lamination on top, the manufacturer ended up with an efficient and very durable model. Under standard test conditions, Black 360 outputs 360 W of power.

Heat-resistant performance

The heat is less of a threat with this module: with one of the lowest temperature coefficients in the industry, Black 360 loses just 0.34% of efficiency for every 1.8°F above 77°F.

Quality and reliability

Black 360 undergoes various quality checks during the production process and is subjected to serious quality and reliability testing. Manufacturing facilities are highly automated, removing the possibility of human errors. REC is committed to quality, safety, and dependability to ensure you get the finest.

Reliability and degradation resistance

REC guarantees limited degradation over the ensuing 25 years. The performance will only degrade by a maximum of 2% the first year, and then only by a maximum of 0.55% yearly after that. After the 25 years are over, your modules will still show at least 84.8% of nominal capacity. A substantial 25-year product warranty is also included with this 360 W REC solar panel.

Enhanced frame design

This model's construction makes it perfect for both residential and business rooftops. Durability and strength are increased by using a strong, robust frame built from anodized aluminum. A significant snow load of up to 7000 Pa may be supported by the model. The panel's back can support 4000 Pa, assuring that even the strongest winds won't damage your system.


69.09" x 40.94" x 1.18"


44.09 lb

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Initially wanted another model but it wasn't available for a while, so picked this one. System still not finished, but a friend has REC panels, no issues for years.
Xavier Colman
06/23/2023 02:11 pm
Not a single criticism about the design or functionality of these panels. REC is one of the best!
Guilherme Ribeiro
06/23/2023 02:11 pm
Up until this point, everything has been OK. Affordable, high-quality, and stylish all-black panels. That's about as good as it gets!
Michael Ginn
06/23/2023 02:11 pm

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