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ZNShine Solar 540W Solar Panel 144 Cell Bifacial ZXM7-SHLDD144-540/M

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Rated Power Output 540 W
Voltage (VOC)49.60 V
Maximum String Voltage 1500V
Cell number
  • 144 cell
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency21.13%
Connector TypeMC4
Frame Color
  • silver
Dimensions LxWxH88.81 × 46.60 × 1.37 in
Weight72.75 lbs
ManufacturerZNShine Solar
Manufacturer Part #ZXM7-SHLDD144-540/M
Operating Temperatures −40°F to +185°F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty12/ 30-year see warranty details
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

ZXM7 is part of the Znshinesolar Series — one of the most recent made by ZnShine Solar. These panels employ cutting-edge technologies to achieve superior efficiency and reliability. The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology ensures excellent power output. This solar cell type employs an additional reflective layer to absorb more sunlight. 

Half-cut cell technology adds a few more percent to the overall performance, making this model a great example of efficiency. ZnShine Solar made solar cells in ZXM7 two times smaller than the standard size, thus reducing power loss and improving low-light behavior. As a result, the panel achieves an impressive efficiency of 21.13%. And while conventional panels use only one side to absorb photons, bifacial modules employ both sides at the same time. Thanks to the technology, this model can be up to 30% more efficient. ZnShine Solar provides 12 years of product warranty and guarantees that after 30 years, performance will be at 83.5% or more. 

  • 540 W power output
  • 144 half-cut PERC cells
  • 21.13% efficiency
  • 1500 V DC maximum system voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • 12-year product and 30-year performance warranties

Higher efficiency of up to 21.13%

ZXM7 guarantees the highest power output. PERC technology and potent anti reflective coating result in 21.13% module efficiency. This is significantly higher than average, which will result in substantial extra savings over the years of operation.

Heat-resistant performance

The heat is less of a problem with this module: with one of the industry's lowest temperature coefficients, ZXM7 loses just 0.35% of efficiency for every 1.8°F over 77°F.

Quality and reliability

ZXM7 receives multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and is subject to stringent quality and reliability testing. The manufacturing facilities are highly automated, eliminating the risk of human error. ZnShine Solar is dedicated to quality, safety and reliability to ensure you get the very best.

Reliability and degradation resistance

ZnShine Solar guarantees limited degradation over the ensuing 30 years. The performance will only degrade by a maximum of 2% the first year, and then only by a maximum of 0.50% yearly after that. After the 30 years are over, your modules will still show at least 83.5% of nominal capacity. A substantial 12-year product warranty is also included with this 540 W ZnShine Solar solar panel.

Enhanced frame design

This model's construction makes it perfect for both residential and business rooftops. Durability and strength are increased by using a strong, robust frame built from anodized aluminum. A significant snow load of up to 5400 Pa may be supported by the model. The panel's back can support 2400 Pa, assuring that even the strongest winds won't damage your system.


88.81" x 46.6" x 1.37"


72.75 lb

Reviews & Questions

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At first, I was hesitant to post a review before I had turned on the solar panels and begun net metering. Now that I've started to use them, I give ZNshine panels a perfect score. So far in the month of December, we have been extracting and supplying the grid with 50 kilowatts of solar power daily. We are certain that our investment will be paid back within a few years.
Jeremy P. Donahue
12/20/2022 12:02 am
On a sunny day, our current ZNshine 6.5 kW system generates 40 kWh. We set them out on the ground, and the bifacial technology significantly increases the output. We received excellent service and a fair pricing from A1. Highly recommend the store and the panels
12/17/2022 11:49 pm

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What kind of regulator is needed to manage power into battery banks? and can you suggest an inverter to supply 48v 100 amp AC breaker panel? I built a home in Colo with one of your systems and it worked terrific.ThanksJim
12/19/2022, 15:56
We don't want to miss anything important, and such a broad question needs more than just a short reply. You can click "Magazine" at the very top of our website. We have an entire compilation dedicated to PV system design. We would also be happy to get a call from you
How many 150 watt LED lights can I run off of the solar panel
12/17/2022, 11:53
Assuming the panel is outputting at least 80% of its nominal capacity, you can run 3 such lights off of it