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Altenergy Power System Inc

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APsystems Micro Inverter 1.1kW YC1000-3-208

  • Input Voltage DC60
  • Output Voltage AC82V-152V
  • Solar panel compatibility60/72 - 120/144 cell
  • TypeMicro inverter, Grid-Tie Inverters
  • Watts1130

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Altenergy inverters

Microinverters are a modern alternative to string and central inverters. The main difference is that a microinverter goes on top of a PV module and converts DC to AC on the spot. One inverter services one panel, so you need several of them. While being slightly more pricey, microinverters are often a more efficient and safer option than conventional string inverters. Altenergy inverters, unlike most other models, are capable of handling several modules per unit. This means that you need less microinverters for your system, and the whole installation is overall cheaper. They ensure higher energy yield from your installation and serve you diligently for 25 years.

About Altenergy Power System company

Altenergy provides inverters for commercial and home systems all over the globe. An American manufacturer appeared on the market in the beginning of the 2010s. At the moment APsystems claims to rank 2nd in international market share among independent providers of microinverters. APsystems has regional offices in many countries which allows the company to provide customer’s support in different regions of the world.

Benefits and features of Altenergy inverters

Here’s what the manufacturer says about his product:

  • Altenergy solar inverters maximize the power output of each module by utilizing the Maximum Power Power Tracking technology. As a result, a system with these microinverters is 20% more efficient than a string of PV modules with a standard inverter. Each Altenergy solar inverter reaches an efficiency of 95%, which means that very little energy is lost in the process.
  • Each of Altenergy power system inverters is capable of servicing several modules:  YC500 handles two and YC1000 takes on three or four. This allows for lowering installation costs significantly. 
  • Your system becomes much easier to manage with the addition of microinverters. APsystems Communicator and APsystems Monitor give you an option to watch the performance of a system with your smartphone and customize all the parameters.
  • Microinverters are considered to be more reliable than standard string inverters. Each microinverter goes right on top of a DC module so the risk of creating electric arcs is nullified. The lifetime of an inverter is comparable to the lifespan of a solar panel and exceeds 25 years.

How long is the warranty on the Altenergy inverters?

The expected lifetime of an Altenergy solar inverter is 25 years. The standard warranty for YC1000 microinverter is 10 years, but it can be extended to 25 years. The average lifespan of a PV module is also 25 years, so there is a good chance you won’t ever have to replace an inverter on a panel.

What is the average price of Altenergy inverters?

Altenergy inverter price depends on the properties and size of a model. In our store the prices for Altenergy inverters range from $200 to $280. Currently there are two models of Altenergy inverters for sale: APS YC600 Microinverter Dual-Module for $205 and APS YC1000 Microinverter 4xPV Modules for $284. Contact our managers for the latest information on the prices and possible discounts.

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