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ZNShine Solar 400W Solar Panel 108 Cell ZXM7-SH108-400/M All-Black Wholesale in pallet 36 panels

  • Rated Power Output 400 W
  • Voltage (VOC)37.10 V
  • Number of cells108
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Pickup on Thu, Jun 20 from Riverton, NJ

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ZNShine Solar Panels Wholesale

Building a solar power system? Look no further than wholesale ZNShine solar panels! Working with trusted distributors and reputable suppliers, A1 SolarStore offers bulk quantities of high-quality ZNShine panels at competitive prices.

Who is ZNShine?

Founded in 1988 and entering the solar industry in 2006, ZNShine is a well-established manufacturer with a proven track record. They’ve earned a Tier 1 ranking from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which signifies strong financial stability – a crucial factor for any long-term solar investment.

Why Choose ZNShine Solar Panels?

What truly sets ZNShine solar panels apart? Here are the key advantages:

  • Superior low-light performance: Even on cloudy days, ZNShine panels efficiently capture sunlight, maximizing your energy production. This is especially beneficial in regions with less sunshine or for projects with shading concerns.

  • Cost-effective choice: ZNShine solar panels offer excellent value for your money. By purchasing wholesale quantities on pallets, you can further reduce costs compared to retail prices.

With ZNShine solar panels, you’re getting a reliable, high-performing product at a competitive price point – perfect for powering your upcoming solar project. Contact us today to learn more about wholesale ZNShine solar panels.

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