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370 Watt Solar Panels



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Panasonic 370W Solar Panel 120 cell EverVolt EVPV370

  • Rated Power Output 370 W
  • Voltage (VOC)44.1V
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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Aptos Solar 370W Solar Panel 120 Cell DNA-120-MF26

  • Rated Power Output 370 W
  • Voltage (VOC)40.8
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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370 watt solar panels

In this section you’ll find all of our 370 watt solar panels from the manufacturers all over the world. These PV modules typically come in 60-cell and 120-cell sizes which means that they are designed primarily for residential installations. Nevertheless, they are quite powerful and you don’t need a lot of them to build a powerful home system.

How many 370 Watt solar panels do I need?

The output of a solar module is determined in lab conditions, so it’s only natural that their production may be slightly different in the real world. The factors that affect the performance of your system include:

  • weather;
  • geographic location;
  • direction and angle of your panels;
  • shading.

To figure out the amount of solar power that you need, you have to calculate the daily energy needs of your house. Then the number of peak sun hours in your area will give you a rough estimate of how much electricity a solar panel system is going to produce. Generally, a house needs from 10 to 30 PV modules. A 370w solar panel is a great, high-output choice for residential projects – and with powerful panels you need less of them which means less space and less money required.

A 370 W panel can also be used for powering your RV or boat. Usually mobile solar installations are relatively small in capacity. Depending on the number of appliances in your camper van or a boat, even one 370 watt solar panel can be enough to charge the house battery everywhere you go.

The average price of 370 Watt panels

When it comes to estimating the cost of a solar panel system, remember that the prices can vary heavily depending on the brand. Chinese panels are the cheapest. American panels are usually in the middle of the price range, but they are generally higher quality and have better warranties. There are also some brands with premium-class PV modules that cost a lot: for example, 370w solar panel price is over $400 with brands like Panasonic and Solaria.

How we operate

We offer a variety of 370 watt solar panels for sale from American, Asian and European brands. Our managers will be happy to assist you in every way. This is how we operate:

  • Our warehouses are located both on East and West coasts of the USA
  • We process every order in one day and ship them within 48 hours
  • Delivery takes 4-7 business days
  • We work only with trusted manufacturers and guarantee authentic products for competitive price

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