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Enphase IQ Battery Storage System IQ Battery 3T Cover (No battery) B03T-C-0430-O

  • TypeLi-Ion batteries

Pickup on Tue, May 28 from Bordentown, NJ

Delivery on May 31 – Jun 05

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Enphase Enpower Smart Switch EN-EP200G101-M240

  • TypeLithium batteries
  • Voltage (VOC)240V

Delivery on May 31 – Jun 05

In stock
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Enphase Solar Batteries

Enphase produces not only microinverters, but also AC batteries, which use high-efficiency, non-toxic lithium-ferro-phosphate (LiFePo) technology. This predetermines the main advantages of an Enphase battery: it is extremely lightweight (the battery can be installed even on the wall) and has a high charge/discharge rate.

Enphase battery allows you to use 100% of its capacity. This is what distinguishes a lithium-ion battery from a conventional lead-acid rechargeable battery. You can use only a half of the latter, and further discharge may simply kill it.

What’s more, Enphase battery backup is highly reliable: the manufacturer warranties each battery with a 10-year replacement and guarantees it will last for at least 7300 cycles.

When homeowners opt for Enphase, solar panels don’t work in vain: an Enphase battery is capable of storing 96% of the solar power harvested by the PV modules.

Enphase’s AC battery is sometimes referred to as an Enphase ensemble, as it incorporates a microinverter which converts the DC electricity to AC, a battery management unit, a communications controller, and safety disconnects.

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