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Aptos Solar 400W Solar Panel 144 cell DNA-144-BF26-400W BIFACIAL

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Rated Power Output 400 W
Voltage (VOC)48.55V
Cell number
  • 144 cell
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19.88%
Connector TypeMC4 or MC4 comparable
Backsheet Color
  • black
Frame Color
  • black
Dimensions LxWxH79.0 x 39.4 x 1.57 in
Weight51.4 lbs
ManufacturerAptos Solar
Manufacturer Part #DNA-144-BF26-400W
Operating Temperatures 45 C
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Boats
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Solar Panels for RV
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product


Bifacial 400W Aptos Solar from DNA Half-cut Cell Series panel produces up to 30% more energy than standard monofacial modules. They are a great choice for commercial and utility-scale systems, but can be installed at home as well. Aptos 400W panels are very resilient in extreme weather and backed up by strong warranties.


  • Bifacial half-cut 144-cell solar module
  • 400 W rated power output
  • 19.77% efficiency
  • 25 years product warranty, up to 30 years performance warranty
  • 5400 Pa snow load/ 6200 Pa wind load capacity
  • -0.54% degradation rate

30% more efficiency with bifacial module

Aptos Solar module has solar cells on the rear side as well as on the front. It allows the panel to harvest around 30% more energy than conventional modules. You get maximum efficiency for the space that you use.

Modern technologies raise the efficiency

Patented Dual Nano Absorber (DNATM) Technology ensures higher efficiency up to 19.77%, especially at high temperatures. Besides, each Aptos 400 watt solar panel has 9 busbars which improve the flow of current inside a panel and lower power losses.

Reliable and long-longlasting

Solar cells are protected by a frame of anodized aluminum and a 3.2 mm layer of tempered glass with anti-reflective coating. Half-cut cell technology ensures the durability of the Aptos 400W panel. The module is made to withstand 5400 Pa snow loads and 5400 Pa wind load, according to Aptos 400W spec sheet. Failure rate of Aptos Solar panels is less than 0.01%.

Industry leading 30 year warranty

Not many solar manufacturers provide a product warranty that lasts longer than 10-15 years, and a 30 year performance warranty is almost unheard of. Nevertheless, Aptos Solar offers their customers a 25 year product warranty with a warranty for production for up to 30 years. After 25 years the power output of the Aptos 400W solar panel won’t fall below 85%. Optional extended warranty guarantees you over 82% of initial production after 30 years.


79.0 x 39.4 x 1.57 in



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glad that you added some high-tech products in your stock. Purchased Aptos myself a while ago so here are my five stars, great panels.
08/28/2021 10:52 am
I purchased these for my shop in Alabama. My wife was very pleased, she’s all about renewables and green future. Keep up the good work!
08/17/2021 07:52 pm
Warranties is what got me. Got to be safe, i tell ya. i only saw like canadian silfab with 30 years for production before. Glad that we can make good panels as well
08/04/2021 11:50 am

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I want these. Can you ship them to Toronto?
08/24/2021, 10:28
Good day. We are going to start delivering to Canada in the near future. We'll let you know once it is possible.
where is Aptos from. never heard of them
CarL Johnson
08/07/2021, 09:14
This is an American company. Panels are designed and engineered in Silicon Valley.
how do i maintain them?
07/06/2021, 11:53
Clean them every once in a while, perform visual inspections, invite a professional electrician to check them every few years – that’s basically it. Read the operating and installation manual for more info.