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Schneider Charge Controller

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Schneider Charge Controller Electric 80А MPPT 80-600 - A1 Solar Store
Controller type MPPT Charge Controllers
DC/Charger Volt Compatible 48v, 12v, 24v
Maximum charging current , 80 A
Maximum voltage of the solar panels Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Traditional Clothing Accessories > Obis, 600 V

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The European company Shneider Electric has been on the solar market for more than 20 years now. Schneider charge controllers are a good choice for homeowners that want to build an off-grid or a hybrid solar installation.

What does a Schneider charge controller do?

Not only does a Schneider controller keep your battery safe from overcharging and deep discharge, the MPPT technology that they use allows your solar panels to use their electric power to full potential. An MPPT regulator converts extra voltage to current and uses it to charge the battery faster. The efficiency of MPPT controllers usually is close to 100%, which makes them superior to simple PWM-regulators where you only make use of 70-80% of energy coming from panels.

Another advantage of an MPPT controller, the one like the Shneider electric charge controller, is that it can be used in a system where the voltage of panels is much higher than the voltage of a battery. Just keep in mind that the controller also has maximum input voltage (VDC) which is the sum of VOCs (open circuit voltage) of all the panels in the array. The minimum amps size of the controller for your system can be calculated by dividing the power of your installation by the voltage of the battery.

Features of Schneider controller

Schneider charge controller controls the charging process and offers all sorts of protection for your battery, including over-temperature protection. It blocks reverse currents and also  doesn’t allow the voltage of energy storage to go too high (overcharging) or drop too low (deep discharge).

Just like a solar inverter, a Shneider charge controller allows you to monitor your system. The regulator is equipped with 2 displays. A regulator measures the battery charge and its temperature, notifying you when it goes too high.

The warranty for a Shneider solar charge controller is issued for 5 years and you can expect it to last 10-15 years. Take a look at controllers in our store – surely you will find something that will catch your eye!

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