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BYD Solar Batteries

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BYD Solar Battery Module B-Plus-H 2.56kWh | A1 Solar Store 15% Off
Type Lithium batteries
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BYD Solar Battery BASE Control Unit | A1 Solar Store
Type Lithium batteries
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BYD Solar Batteries

BYD is a Chinese company founded in 1995, which specializes in solar energy storage. BYD stands for ‘build your dreams’, which is what the company is actually doing. While it was launched as a battery manufacturer, in 2003 it entered the automobile sector. Now the company can boast more than 250 thousand electric buses running around China. Nevertheless, energy storage solutions are the company's staple product.

The BYD battery modules are based on lithium-iron phosphate chemistry. Currently it is considered the safest technology for home usage. BYD solar batteries are compatible with SMA, Fronius, and other inverters.

One of the main features of the BYD energy storage systems is their capacities – they are the highest on the market. It allows using them not only for hybrid, but also for off-grid solar panel systems. What’s more, a BYD battery is going to retain at least 60% of its usable capacity in year 10.

Note that a BYD battery can be used only indoors.

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