How do solar panels work when it snows

How do solar panels work when it snows? Just fine! Of course, snow influences solar power generation to some extent, but there is no reason to give up going solar if you have snowy winters. And in this article, we will explain why.

Solar panels love snow

When snow covers your solar panels, it scatters direct sunlight, decreasing energy generation. But when the panels start to work and heat up, the snow will not only melt and slide off the roof, but will also cool and clean your solar panels, helping them work even better.

What you can do is adjust your panel’s angle to speed up the sliding process. Generally, the angle of your panels should be equal to your latitude, in the winter you may add 15 degrees to it. 

Don’t forget that ideally your solar panels should face south to get the most sunlight during the day. This will also help to melt the snow faster and ensure better overall energy generation during snowy periods.

Don’t clean the snow off your solar panels

Seriously. It may cause more harm than good. First, you run the risk of falling off your roof, and second, you may also easily scratch or damage your solar panels. This will affect their performance far more than a temporary snow cover and it’s not going to be covered by the warranty. So listen to the Beatles and let it be. Or better read our article to learn more about how solar panels work when it snows.

Years of experience in translation and a love of nature help Julia find the right words to encourage going solar. She joined the team in 2023 and is happy to make her contribution to a greener future.

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