325 Watt Solar Panels

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Trina 325W Solar Panel 120 Cell TSM-325-DD06M.05(II)

  • Rated Power Output 325 W
  • Voltage (VOC)40.4V
  • Number of cells120
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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325 Watt Solar Panels

The 325 W solar panels can power your home as well as commercial sites up to 10-30 kWh. Solar panels 325 watt are often enough for powering a camper van or a tiny boat. It has high efficiency and is at a competitive price. We offer 325 watt solar panels for sale from several global solar manufacturers.

Advantages of 325 W solar panel

  • Photovoltaic cells of the solar panel are covered with light absorbing, anti-glare, and dirt repellent tempered glass to reduce the loss of electric power.
  • Has ability to withstand up to 5400 Pa snow load and up to 2400 Pa wind load. A 325 watt solar panel isn't afraid of hail, storms and can even survive a hurricane.
  • After 25 years of usage, the productivity is expected to reduce only by 10%.

325W solar panel price

325 watt solar panels are quite popular for residential installations, and manufacturers aim to keep the cost affordable for everyone. However, solar panel 325 watt price varies from brand to brand. You can get a Trina solar module for under $200, but Panasonic 325W solar panel will cost you around $350. Most Chinese brands try to keep 325 W solar panel price low, but European, Japanese, American companies prefer focusing on the highest quality of their product.

The 325 W solar panels and all required accessories are available for purchase in our online store. If you still have any questions, please contact us for your free consultation right now. Our managers will share with you all the information on 325 watt solar panel price, warranties and delivery options.

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