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Mitrex solar panels review 2024: Canadian beauty

If you’re tempted to shift to solar power, but don’t want to ruin the meticulous design of your home with solar panels, check out Mitrex. These panels are a visual treat, but is there something more behind the pretty picture? Let’s get to the bottom of it – here comes our Mitrex solar panels review 2024.

Mitrex solar story: Masters of BIPV

Founded in 2019
Headquartered in Ontario, Canada
US presence in New York and Los Angeles

Mitrex is a Canadian company headquartered and manufacturing their products in Ontario, Canada. The company is actively exploring the US market, with about 50 representatives across the United States, and intends to open a US-based manufacturing facility. 

Founded in 2019, the company seems fairly young, but that’s not really so. Mitrex has emerged as part of a big family – Global Canadian Advanced Technologies (GCAT) Group started in 2003. Its sister companies are manufacturing construction materials, while Mitrex was spun out to focus on solar construction.

Mitrex is the largest BIPV manufacturer in North America. Operating a 500-MW manufacturing facility with five distinct production lines, the company makes BIPV cladding, colored solar panels, and traditional solar panels as well.

BIPV is the future of solar industry

BIPV stands for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics. In other words, it’s the fusion of facade materials with solar technology. You no longer need special equipment like solar panels to sit on top of your roof to generate power – the building itself becomes a huge solar panel. Windows, facades, fences, roofs – all not only serve their direct purpose but also generate clean energy for the building’s demands.

BIPV solves several problems at once. First, BIPV makes use of existing building surfaces, eliminating the need for additional land for solar panels. It’s an ideal solution for urban environments or buildings with limited space. Second, by replacing traditional building materials, BIPV can reduce overall construction costs, especially during new construction or major renovations.

Mitrex solar panels: Style over function

310–410 W

power output

Mitrex solar panels cater primarily to the residential market, offering a power output range of 310–410 watts. While suitable for the homes, they fall short of the commercial installation demands requiring greater power.

15– 21%


The efficiency, which translates to how much sunlight is converted into electricity, is not the strong suit of Mitrex solar panels. While one model reaches a respectable 21%, other panels in the lineup lag behind with 15% to 19%, falling below the industry standard. This is a significant consideration, as this lower efficiency translates to needing more space for a powerful system or accepting lower overall energy production.

25 years

product and performance warranty

Mitrex offers a standard 25-year warranty on both the product and performance, assuring homeowners of long-lasting quality. The warranty guarantees that the panels will maintain at least 80-86% of their initial output after 25 years, ensuring their continued effectiveness in generating clean energy for your home.

$0.8 – $1.8

price per watt

The price of Mitrex solar panels ranges from about $0.8 to $1.8 per watt. This falls on the higher end of the solar panel price spectrum, especially considering the lower efficiency compared to competitors.

Mitrex solar panels: Pros

Time to break down the key strengths and weaknesses of Mitrex solar panels. What we do like about the panels:

✓ Eye-catching aesthetics: Unlike traditional black panels, Mitrex offers a variety of colors, transforming your roof into a design statement. These colorful options are an undeniable advantage for homeowners who want to integrate solar power into their home’s design.

✓ Canadian quality: Manufactured in Canada, Mitrex panels benefit from stricter quality control standards. This translates to a more reliable and durable product, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

Mitrex solar panels: Cons

Unfortunately, the weaknesses turned out to be far more numerous than the strengths. What we’re not happy about:

✗ Residential focus only: While sufficient for homes, Mitrex panels fall short of the high-wattage panels used in commercial installations. This translates to needing more panels to achieve your desired energy production. If you’re looking for solar solutions for larger-scale projects, Mitrex might not be the best fit.

✗ Efficiency question mark: Most Mitrex models have lower efficiency ratings than conventional black panels. This translates to less overall power generation from the sunlight they capture, affecting your return on investment in the long run.

✗ Premium price tag: Beauty comes at a cost. The price range of $0.8 to $1.8 per watt falls on the higher end of the spectrum. With lower efficiency, the cost per watt might be a significant factor to consider.

✗ Limited reviews on the web: Finding online reviews on Mitrex solar panels can be tough. This makes it difficult to gather real-world experiences and insights before making a decision.

Overview of Mitrex solar panels: Home options

Mitrex offers a range of solar panels catering to various homeowner needs. Here’s a breakdown of some of their options.

Mitrex Spanish Clay 310W – For tile roofs

This Mitrex solar panel boasts a unique tile-like aesthetic, which seems like the only advantage of the panel. The panel’s 310W power output is the weakest among Mitrex offerings, and its 15.3% efficiency falls far below the industry standard. While the module comes with a reassuring 25-year warranty guaranteeing 80% initial output after 25 years, homeowners seeking maximum power generation might want to consider some other options.

Mitrex Black Asphalt 345W – Asphalt option

This Mitrex PV module offers a stylish black asphalt look alongside a more substantial 345W power output, making it a good fit for residential applications with moderate energy demands. The efficiency remains on the lower side at 17%, but the 25-year warranty with 80% output after 25 years provides peace of mind. This panel strikes a good balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Mitrex solar panel 390W – More powerful solution

This Mitrex option delivers a 390W power output, well-suited for most residential needs. While the 19.2% efficiency still isn’t the highest on the market, it’s much better than that of the previous models. The 25-year warranty with 80% output guarantee ensures long-lasting performance. This panel offers good power for homeowners with different demands.

A1 SolarStore recommends: Mitrex solar panel 405W

This Mitrex panel is the top one in the Mitrex lineup with a powerful 405W output and a respectable 21% efficiency. This combination translates to excellent energy production for your home. The 25-year warranty with an impressive 86% guaranteed output after 25 years provides exceptional long-term value. If maximizing power generation and efficiency are your priorities, this Mitrex panel is your best bet.

A1 SolarStore verdict: Focus on aesthetics

To wrap up our review of Mitrex solar panels, let’s list a few key facts about the brand and its products:

  • Founded in 2019, Mitrex is the largest BIPV manufacturer in North America.

  • Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, the company has a strong presence in the US with about 50 representatives.

  • The company manufactures panels primarily for residential applications.

  • Mitrex solar panel’s power output ranges from 310W to 405W, while their efficiency floats from 15.3% to 21%.

  • Mitrex panels are backed up with a 25-year product and performance warranty.

  • The price tag hovers around $0.8 to $1.8 per watt.

Mitrex solar panels stand out for their unique aesthetic, but when it comes to raw power generation, they are not the strongest contender. Yet the major function of solar panels is to generate energy, not to look pretty. These modules may be good for projects where generating a lot of electricity is not the main objective. With that, we end our Mitrex solar panels review. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get fresh brand reviews and learn about the latest arrivals!

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