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Thornova Solar panels review 2024: Sharp solutions

Thornova Solar is a young US-based newcomer making waves in the solar industry. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing new player and see if Thornova Solar panels deserve a spot on your rooftop. Get ready – here comes our Thornova Solar panel review!

Thornova Solar’s story: Conquering US solar market

Founded in 2022 in Fremont, California
Tier 1 module manufacturer
Production facilities in Vietnam

Thornova Solar is a young solar company founded in Fremont, California, at the end of 2022. Despite their recent entry into the market, Thornova Solar seems to be making a name for itself – it has taken less than a year after their founding for Bloomberg to award them Tier 1 module manufacturer status.

The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Vietnam, while their primary target market is North America. Thornova Solar is building a strong US presence with four sales offices in Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York. Thornova Solar’s current manufacturing capacity stands at 2.5 GW with ambitious plans to expand it by building a solar module manufacturing plant in the US and setting up two solar cell manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia.

Thornova Solar panels: Truly powerful



The power output of Thornova solar panels ranges from a respectable 400 watts all the way up to a stellar 720 watts, translating to significant energy generation for your home. Efficiency-wise, they typically hover between 20.5% and 23.2%, ensuring you get the most out of the sunlight hitting your panels. With higher output and efficiency, you’ll need fewer total panels to achieve your desired energy production. This is especially beneficial if your rooftop space is limited.

15-25 years

product warranty

Solar panels come with a strong warranty package that covers both product and power output. You’ll get a product warranty lasting between 15 and 25 years, depending on the model you choose. The performance is guaranteed at 84.8% – 87.4% of the panel’s original power output after 25 – 30 years of operation.

$0.6 and $0.8

price per watt

Pricing details of Thornova solar panels are not easy to source on the market. Yet manufacturing in Asia is much cheaper than in the US, so we expect panels to average between $0.6 and $0.8 per watt.

Thornova solar panels: Pros

It’s time to shed some light on the bright and dark sides of Thornova solar panels. What do their panels shine with?

✓ Impressive power and efficiency: Thornova panels boast high wattages, ranging from 400 to 720 watts, Efficiencies sit around between 20.5% and 23.2%. This translates to generating more electricity per panel, requiring fewer panels to build a truly powerful system.

✓ Diverse lineup: Thornova offers a variety of models to suit different needs. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business, or a utility company, there’s a Thornova panel that fits your requirements.

Thornova solar panels: Cons

Panels seem perfect, but are they? Here are some drawbacks casting a shadow:

✗ Newcomer status: Established in 2022, Thornova is a relatively new company in the solar panel market. While they’ve achieved Tier 1 ranking, a longer track record can provide more confidence for some consumers.

✗ Limited independent reviews: Due to being new, there are fewer independent reviews available compared to more established brands. This can make it harder to find unbiased assessments of their performance and reliability.

Thornova solar panels overview: Dream big

Time to take a look at some of the Thornova solar panels. What can the company treat us with?

Thornova TS-BG54 400W–415W – Reliable one

Invest in peace of mind with Thornova TS-BG54. While its output of 400–415 watts and efficiency of 20.5%–21.2% are average, the extended warranties truly stand out. This panel boasts a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty, ensuring you will continue to generate electricity for decades.

Thornova TS-BB60 445W–460W – Beautiful one

This all-black Thornova TS-BB60 solar panel offers a perfect blend of beauty and function. Its sleek design complements your home’s architecture, while still generating a substantial 445–460 watts of power with 20.6%–21.3%. While 15-year product and 25-year performance warranties aren’t the longest on the market, they still ensure peace of mind that this panel will please the eye and lower energy bills for years to come.

Thornova TS-BWT66-G12 695W–720W – Powerful one

Unlike conventional panels, Thornova TS-BWT66-G12 boasts a staggering output of 695-720 watts, generating significantly more clean energy for your home. A top-tier efficiency rating of 22.4%–23.2% means it wrings the most energy possible from sunlight, translating to substantial savings on your electricity bill. With a 15-year product and 30-year performance warranties, you can be confident this champion panel will be a reliable source of clean energy for your home for years.

A1 SolarStore recommends Thornova TS-BB54

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Sized specifically for residential projects, Thornova TS-BB54 integrates flawlessly into your roofline, creating a sleek, modern aesthetic. Don’t underestimate its power – this beauty generates a substantial 400-415 watts of clean energy with 20.5%–21.2% efficiency – just perfect for powering your home solar project. Backed by a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty, you can be confident this panel will be a worry-free investment in clean energy for many years.

A1 SolarStore verdict: A solid start

Now, as we are close to ending this Thornova solar panel review, let’s list the important facts about the brand and its product:

  • Thornova is a Tier 1 company founded in 2022 in Fremont, California.

  • While having manufacturing capacities in Vietnam, Thornova strategically focuses on the North America markets.

  • Their power output ranges from 400W to 720W, while their efficiency generally floats from 20.5% to 23.2%.

  • Thornova solar panels are backed up with a 15-25-year product and 25-30-year performance warranty.

  • Thornova offers a broad range of panels for both home systems and commercial installations.

Thornova Solar presents an interesting proposition for those seeking high-performance solar panels. The company’s focus on strong warranties and diverse lineup make these panels a smart choice for a broad range of customers. If you’re comfortable with a newer company, Thornova Solar could be a viable option, but if a long-term track record and readily available user experiences are crucial, established brands might be a safer bet. With that, we end our Thornova Solar panels review. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get fresh brand reviews and learn about the latest arrivals!

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