96 Cell Solar Panels

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96 Cell Solar Panels

Today, there is a variety of solar panels that have different numbers of solar cells and sizes. As a rule, these parameters directly affect the solar panels’ power output. The larger solar panel on the market is a 96 cell solar panel. We have gathered important information about this type of solar module to help you choose the right panel for your needs.

What is 96 cell solar panel?

Every solar panel consists of solar elements, these are photovoltaic elements or solar cells. A 96 cell solar panel consists of 96 photovoltaic cells. These cells are the main elements of the solar panel as they directly convert sun power into electricity. 96 cell modules are a popular choice for commercial installations.

Advantages of 96 cell solar panels

  • Have higher efficiency as the panel has more solar cells.
  • Thanks to their smaller size, they are a perfect choice for residential as well as commercial installations.
  • More reliable as there are fewer chances for microcracks due to smaller cell size.

The average price of 96 cell panels

Right now several global solar brands provide panels with this number of solar cells for sale. We offer great 96 cell solar panels made by Panasonic in the price range from $320 to $515.

Sizes of 96 cell panels

Typically, manufacturers use smaller 5” cells in the production of a 96 cell solar panel so the panel is not much bigger than an average 60 cell solar panel. 96 cell solar panels are usually built with eight solar cells going across and 12 solar cells going down. The average dimensions of a 96 cell solar panel are about 62.5” x 41.5” x 1.6”. The weight of a 96 cell solar panel is about 41 lbs. Plan ahead and check the 96 cell solar panel size before the purchase so you’ll know beforehand how many of them will fit on your roof.

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