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AC Disconnect 30A nema 3R

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Dimensions LxWxH10.5" x 5.5" x 7.5"
Weight4.7 lbs
ManufacturerSquare D
Manufacturer Part #DU221RB
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About product

Square D AC Disconnect, 30A, NEMA 3R, DU221RB

  • 30 Amp
  • 240VAC
  • 2-Pole Unfused
  • Hub
  • NEMA 3R

Square D, AC Disconnect, NEMA 3R, 30A, 240VAC, 2-Pole Unfused, Hub, 59123, DU221RB

Reviews & Questions

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This electrical box is much smaller than the older one I had cause it has a different design. The electrical contacts feel very solid and durable
08/10/2021 04:00 pm
I like this box. It's a bit more compact than a typical disconnect and looks tidy
07/29/2021 07:09 pm
Highly recommended. The box is very robust. I prefer in-line fuses due to considerable power surges in my area that can damage the equipment. Just make sure you have an extra set of fuses in case of a blowout. Plenty of room for wiring
Dr Ken
07/09/2021 03:59 pm

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Where can I find replacement parts?
08/12/2021, 08:31
The manufacturer doesn’t offer replacement parts. The entire disconnect should be replaced when needed
Can I use this for a220v 20 amp breaker with 20 amp fuses?
Alexander Bradrick
07/19/2021, 16:00
Yes, you can.