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Axitec 400W Solar Panel 144 cell AXIworldpremium X HC 400 TS

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Rated Power Output 400 W
Voltage (VOC)48.81 V
Cell number
  • 144 cell
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19.88%
Connector TypeMC4 or MC4 comparable
Backsheet Color
  • silver
Frame Color
  • clear
Dimensions LxWxH79.06" x 39.45" x 1.57"
Weight49.4 lbs
Manufacturer Part #XHC400TS
Operating Temperatures -40 °F to +185 °F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Boats
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Solar Panels for RV
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
Warranty10/25 years see manufacturer
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

AXITEC 400W Solar Panel is a 144 cell monocrystalline module featuring half-cut cell architecture. It allows operating the module as a 72 cell panel and brings additional advantages such as a higher power output and "hot spots" prevention. This solar panel is reliable due to stringent quality control in compliance with German standards. AXITEC 400W Solar Panel is certified to withstand heavy snow loads at 2400 Pa.

  • 400W Power Output
  • 144 Cell, Monocrystalline
  • 19.88 % Module Efficiency
  • 100 % electroluminescence inspection
  • High energy generation
  • High-quality junction box and connector systems
  • Silver aluminium frame

Super Efficiency of 19.88% over 15 Years

AXITEC guarantees that AXITEC 400W Solar Panel will maintain its high efficiency even in year 15. This is based on the use of high-quality materials and permanent quality checking.

Quality and Reliability

AXITEC 400W Solar Panel is produced in compliance with the best industry standards. All panels undergo electroluminescence tests to ensure they are free from cracks.

Low Degradation 0.48%/year

A low 0.48% annual degradation rate after an initial first-year degradation of 3% results in a high performance even in year 25.

Enhanced Frame Design

Strong 40 mm aluminium frame increases durability and strength, ensuring the module is able to withhold a heavy snow load up to 2400 Pa.

10 Year Product and 25 Year Performance Warranty

AXITEC 400W Solar Panel comes with an exclusive 25-year linear warranty. At the end of the 25-year period, the performance of at least 85% of the original nominal capacity is guaranteed.


79.06" x 39.45" x 1.57"


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Budget-friendly panels that power my home with no problems would recommend.
09/02/2021 10:12 am
Delivered on time, thanks guys.
08/18/2021 07:48 pm
Happy with the warranty on these panels.
08/03/2021 02:17 pm

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When are peak hours for solar panels?
08/29/2021, 17:31
Solar panels generate the most energy during peak hours usually around 11 am to 4 pm when the sunlight is most direct.
Is it harder to sell my house with solar panels?
08/16/2021, 14:20
Solar panels are actually a selling point to homebuyers. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more than homes without.