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URE solar panels review 2024: U’RE interested?

A Taiwanese solar company URE positions themselves as a ‘non-Chinese manufacturer that you can trust’. Can their panels compete with the world’s top companies? Let’s find out – here comes our URE solar panels review.

About URE: Biggest Taiwanese brand

URE or URECO United Renewable Energy is a Tier 1 publicly traded Taiwanese company founded in 2018. URE was formed through the merger of four cell and module manufacturers – Neo Solar Power, Gintech, Solartech – the collective history of which dates back to 2008. Although the company is quite young, it has over 15 years of experience now behind it.

Founded in 2018 in Taiwan

While headquartered in Taiwan, URE strategically expands its reach beyond the domestic market, focusing on the United States and Europe. The company can boast of being the winner of Taiwan Excellence Award for the Highest Efficiency Module for 7 years in a row. Only in the US, it has over 400MW of projects installed.

URE technologies: HJT and N-type solar cells

Creating their panels, URE uses Heterojunction Technology, combining two types of cells – crystalline and amorphous. This combination translates into a lower temperature coefficient even in summer heat, great performance even in low-light conditions, and high efficiency due to minimal power losses.

Most manufacturers use p-type cells for their panels. They lose 2-3% of power in the first year of operation. URE uses n-type cells, which makes their solar panels work better in hot climates and lose no more than 1% of their initial capacity in the first year.

URE solar panels: Efficient and powerful



The power output of URE solar panels ranges from just 370W to impressive 700W, providing a substantial energy yield, while efficiency generally floats from 20% to 22.5%. With URE bifacial solar panels, you can get up to 770W in power output with a single panel. The better these characteristics are, the fewer panels you need to build a powerful system satisfying all your demands, which is especially important when the space is limited.

12–25 years

product warranty

URE solar panels can also boast a comprehensive warranty package, with both product and performance warranties. Product warranty ranges from 12 to 25 years, while performance is guaranteed at 84.8-88.3% after 25-30 years of operation, depending on the model. This ensures that even after a quarter of a century, URE panels maintain at least 84.8% of their initial output.

$0.6 to $0.8

price per watt

URE solar panels price stands out nicely. The cost per watt is competitively priced between $0.6 to $0.8, making URE solar panels an affordable option for a broad spectrum of consumers.

URE solar panels: Pros

It’s time to break down the advantages and disadvantages of URE solar panels in a small list. What stands out with URE solar panels? Let’s start with pros:

✓ Impressive power output and efficiency: URE panels boast of both excellent power output ranging from 370W to 700W and energy conversion rates from a bit over 20% to 22.5%.

✓ Broad model range: URE produces a variety of panels for different applications. You can find both middle-output modules for home or small business installations and high-output panels for commercial and large-scale projects.

✓ Competitive cost: The cost per watt falls within the $0.6 to $0.8 range. This makes URE solar panels a really attractive option, considering what characteristics you can get for this price.

✓ Excellent low-light performance: URECO solar panels demonstrate impressive performance in challenging conditions, such as low-light and poor weather scenarios, ensuring consistent energy production throughout the day.

✓ Extensive warranty: URE supports their panels with strong product and performance warranties. Longer warranty period demonstrates the company’s confidence in the longevity and reliability of their panels.

URE solar panels: Cons

What about the disadvantages? Here is what we don’t like:

✗ Weak product warranty for some models: Some of URE’s solar modules are supported with only 12 years of warranty. It is quite small, compared to a 25-year product warranty that is getting more and more common among top manufacturers.

✗ Not so beautiful: Design-wise, URE solar panels are probably not the best, compared to other brands such as Solaria or Silfab. If the appearance of a solar system matters for your project, we’d suggest you consider other options.

URE solar panels overview: For home and business

Time to move from specifications to the panels themselves. Let’s look at the actual panels that URE puts out on the market and see what they are really capable of.

URE 440-455W All Black — Perfect home choice

The URE 440-455W All Black, with 120 cells and a power output between 440W and 455W, is another standout mono-crystalline PV module from URE. Exhibiting an efficiency from 20.3% to 21%, this panel ensures consistent energy production over its lifetime. The module comes with a 25-year product and performance warranty, underlining URE’s confidence in the panel’s quality. Whether facing challenging weather conditions or simply aiming for long-term reliability, the URE panel provides an efficient solution for harnessing solar power.

URE 650-670W Peach — High output option

With a URE 650-670W Peach module, you can achieve great output of 650-670W and good efficiency of 20.9–21.5%. The panel features 132 solar cells and comes with 12-year product and 25-year performance warranties. And the cherry on the cake – excellent low-light performance.

URE 680-700W Glory Hello Bifacial — With an active rear side

For those seeking high efficiency and performance, the URE Glory Hello bifacial 132-cell module offers 680-700 watts of power and an impressive efficiency between 21.8% and 22.5%. Active rear side gives a panel a 5-10% bifacial gain. Its excellent low-light performance, coupled with a 15-year product and 30-year performance warranty, makes the panel a great choice even for the most ambitious solar projects.

A1 SolarStore recommends URE 400W All Black

Out of stock

URE 400W Solar Panel 108 Cell FBM400MFG-BB Clearance

  • Rated Power Output 400 W
  • Voltage (VOC)37.20V
  • Number of cells108
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Delivery on Jul 19–24

The URE 400W All Black is a good addition to URE’s solar panel lineup. Featuring 108 cells, this mono-crystalline PV module boasts good power output of 400W and a nice efficiency of 20.49%, ensuring optimal energy production. The panel is supported by 25-year product and performance warranties, while its excellent work in low-light and adverse weather conditions positions it as a reliable choice for home application.

A1 SolarStore verdict: URE solar panels – for small and big dreams

Now, as we are close to ending this URE solar panel review, let’s list the important facts about the brand and its product:

  • URE is a Tier 1 publicly traded company founded in 2018 in Taiwan. It was formed through the merger of four cell and module manufacturers, the collective history of which goes back to 2008.

  • While headquartered in Taiwan, URE strategically focuses on the markets of the United States and Europe.

  • Their power output ranges from 370W to 700W, while their efficiency generally floats from 20% to 22.5%.

  • The cost of URE solar panels falls within the $0.6 to $0.8 range, a bit below average on the market.

  • URE solar panels are backed up with a 12-25-year product and 25-30-year performance warranty.

  • URE panels demonstrate good performance in low-light and poor weather conditions.

  • URE offers a broad range of panels for various applications: home systems and commercial installations.

While not the most popular brand, URE makes really good panels that are definitely worth their price. Taiwanese-made panels are an attractive solution for both small home installations and large solar farms. Their extended warranty combined with low-light features makes them a strong player in the solar market. With that, we end our URE solar panels review. Stay tuned and check out URE solar panels in our store!

Years of experience in translation and a love of nature help Julia find the right words to encourage going solar. She joined the team in 2023 and is happy to make her contribution to a greener future.

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