Chilicon Microinverter CP250E

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chilicon Microinverter CP-250E
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Efficiency: 96% CEC, 96.6% Peak
Reliability by design
Robust and secure
Wide-band harmonic suppression


Condition New
Connector Type MC4 or Amphenol H4 UTX
Dimensions LxWxH 12” x 8” x 1.8”
Manufacturer Chilicon Power
Manufacturer Part # CP-250E-60-72-208/240-MC4
Model CP-250E-60-72-208
Operating Range 18 – 38.5 V
Operating Voltage Min-Max 22 – 47 V
Rated Power Output
  • Residential
Warranty 25 years Manufacture
Weight 3.4 lbs


Chilicon CP250E Datasheet (CP-250e-60-72-208-240-MC4_Data_Sheet_R5.pdf, 407 Kb) [Download]

Chilicon CP250E Manual (CP-250E-60-72-208-240-MC4UserManual.pdf, 1,337 Kb) [Download]


Chilicon Power CP-250E microinverter MPPT is compatible with 60 and 72-cell (Solar)PV modules. Operates with US 208/240 volt,(60Vdc max) 289W at 240V.

Features standard MC-4 Connectors and is UL1741-SA (Rule-21) certified, which means that its perfect for grid-tie systems. Peak efficiency of 96.6% and built in surge protection is very impressive for size and price of the inverter. Chilicon cp-250E microinverter has 25 years manufacture warranty and life span of 50 years. Chilicon microinverters has proven them selves as efficient and robust systems.

See data sheet for more information.

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