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Schneider inverter

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Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro 6.8 kW Hybrid Inverter - A1 Solar Store Free shipping 26% Off
Input Voltage DC 48
Type Hybrid Inverters
Watts 6800
Pickup at 2 locations or US shipping
In stock
Schneider Electric Conext SW4024-120/240 RNW8654024 Inverters - A1 Solar Store Free shipping
Input Voltage DC 20...34
Output Voltage AC 120/240 VAC
Type Hybrid Inverters
Watts 4000
Pickup at 2 locations or US shipping

Complete guide on solar systems

Learn how solar panels works and choose the one that suits your needs best

About Schneider inverters

Schneider Electric has been in the business of residential solar and storage solutions for more than two decades. The company’s headquarters in France became the first building in the world to comply with the ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems. Schneider manufactures solar inverters, data monitoring equipment, inverter-chargers and stand-alone devices for charging batteries. They target both off-grid and grid-tie segments. Each year the company spends almost $1.5 billion on research and development to offer its customers the most technologically advanced products.

Schneider grid-tie and hybrid inverters

Schneider solar inverter will be one of the key components in your PV system. Schneider string inverters have industry leading efficiencies of 98.5% or more, come with integrated DC fuses and are easy to install due to a lightweight but durable design. In 2019, PVEL named the CL-60 string inverter as one of the best performers in various categories, including MPPT efficiency, conversion efficiency, energy harvest and power thermal cycling. For fully off-grid setups or grid-tied systems with backup storage the company manufactures a range of hybrid inverters. Being just as scalable and flexible, they will become an ideal solution for time of use rates or self-consumption.

Features of Schneider inverters

In this age of connectivity we are used to receiving important information through our phones. With the Insight management software all the important data is always at your fingertips. The monitoring platform offers detailed reports on consumption, solar generation and battery usage, but also grants you remote control capabilities. All data is safely stored to be available when you need it. You can manage multiple sites and not worry about security – the Insight software complies with international cybersecurity standards.

Schneider inverters are protected by a 5 year warranty.

What is the average price of Schneider products?

The price of the inverter will vary depending on its characteristics. Schneider offers a wide range of options. A single 2,500W inverter could cost you around $1,500, while a pre-wired system for off-grid use with two 5,500W inverters could cost you as much as $12,000.

Why buy from us

Our store sells Schneider inverters. That’s how we operate our business:

  • Our warehouses are located on East and West coast of United States
  • All orders are processed in 24 hours and shipped in 48 hours
  • Orders are delivered by freight transport in 4-7 business days
  • We sell A-grade equipment only from verified manufactures
  • Affordable pricing on all solar energy equipment
  • No counterfeit products

Our managers are always happy to answer any questions concerning Schneider inverter prices, warranties, and shipping options.

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