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445 Watt Solar Panels

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Canadian Solar 445W Solar Panel 144 Call Bifacial CS3W-445MB-AG

  • Rated Power Output 445 W
  • Voltage (VOC)48.9 V
  • Cell number144 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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445W solar panels

445 watt solar panels are a good option for industrial and commercial applications, but residential clients that want to minimize the number of panels to cut costs will also find these powerful modules appealing. Their attractiveness is easy to understand: generating almost twice as much power as panels of average size, they are still not excessively hard to handle. Their larger size will somewhat limit your options when it comes to positioning the modules on the roof, especially if you are lacking space or the terrain is difficult. At the same time, the dimensions of the panels allow them to be placed on top of most vehicles, so a 445 watt solar panel for RV is also feasible.

Specifications of 445 Watt solar panels

445W solar panels usually have a weight of about 52 lbs, measuring approximately 82 inches in length and 42 inches in width. Modules with this output rating are predominantly monocrystalline and usually have 72 cells or more.

The efficiency of 445W solar panels varies from 15 to 22% depending on the manufacturer. Larger modules employ bigger solar cells, which additionally boosts overall efficiency compared to the smaller panels. The modules may also have different backsheet and frame colors, and their overall aesthetics fluctuates as well. Depending on the circumstances, different qualities will seem more or less relevant. Weather resistance, degradation rate and temperature coefficient are among them. Our store offers many options for all kinds of settings.

Features of 445 Watt solar panels

  • As a rule, manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty. However, some manufacturers like Silfab offer 30 years
  • Most panels employ anodized aluminum as a frame material. It is lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) is much less of a threat for modern modules
  • The efficiency of 445 watt solar panels sometimes reaches 22.8>#/p###
  • The size of the panels allows the manufacturers to employ larger solar cells, which maximizes overall efficiency of the module

The progress has not only boosted the efficiency and brought down the price. Many breakthroughs have been made to neutralize such issues as shading and poor performance on cloudy or extremely hot days. Thanks to this, you can now choose panels that will perform best under your particular conditions.

Our solar calculator can help you build a system tailored to your needs.

Average price of 445 Watt solar panels

A 445 watt solar panel price is set by the company that manufactures it. However, due to the fact that these panels have almost double the capacity of standard modules, you will need only half the units for a system of particular size, which may drive the overall costs down. As to the manufacturers, they can all be divided in three loose groups:

  • If the highest efficiency for the price is what you need, many Chinese manufacturers offer good quality models that meet this criterion. As a downside, it may be somewhat harder to claim warranty or support due to geographical and language boundaries.
  • If quality is something you value most, there are many European, Japanese and Korean brands that make it a priority. As a rule, their products are on the expensive side. 
  • The panels made in North America could cost you a bit less, but their quality is on a par with the manufacturers in the second group.

These are just some general guidelines and they do not pretend to fully describe the situation in the industry. You can browse 445 watt solar panels for sale in our store.

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