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Q CELLS 480W Solar Panel 156 cells Q.PEAK DUO XL G10.3/BFG Container 580 panels

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Rated Power Output 480 W
Voltage (VOC)53.39
Maximum String Voltage 1500V
Number of cells156
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency20.7%
Connector TypeMC4
Frame Colorsilver
Dimensions LxWxH87.2in × 41.1in × 1.38in
Weight64.2 lb
Pallet Qty29
ManufacturerHanwha Q CELLS
Manufacturer Part #Q.PEAKDUOXLG10.3/BFG480W
Operating Temperatures −40°F to +185°F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty12/ 30-year see warranty details
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

XL G10.3 is a model that uses a number of technologies to bring durability and performance to the next level. This panel takes full advantage of the Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology that allows it to capture up to 12% more energy. All thanks to a reflective layer on the back. This design maximizes the number of photons absorbed by solar cells. 

The use of half-cut cell technology is an additional perk. The solar cells of XL G10.3 are half the size of those found in standard panels. Major advantages include reduced power consumption, extended life and enhanced efficiency in low-light conditions. As a result, the panel achieves an impressive efficiency of 20.7%. And while conventional panels use only one side to absorb photons, bifacial modules employ both sides at the same time. Thanks to the technology, this model can be up to 30% more efficient. Q CELLS offers 12 years of product warranty and guarantees 84.95% of original performance after 30 years of operation. 

  • 156 half-cut PERC cells
  • 480 W nameplate capacity
  • 20.7% efficiency
  • 1500 V DC maximum system voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • 12 years of product and 30 years of performance warranty

Increased efficiency of up to 20.7%

XL G10.3 ensures maximum power production. 20.7 percent module efficiency is achieved using PERC technology and a powerful anti reflective coating. This is much greater than the norm, resulting in significant additional savings throughout the years of operation.

Exceptional performance in scorching weather

At high working temperatures, a low temperature coefficient equals increased energy generation. Every 1.8°F over 77°F results in a model's efficiency loss of just 0.34 percent.

High quality standards

Q CELLS strict manufacturing standards include multiple tests to provide extreme quality assurance. The facilities are highly automated, allowing the company to maintain high standards and keep the level of warranty claims very low.

Low degradation for increased lifespan

The amount of power output loss experienced by these panels during the first year of operation will not exceed 2%. The average yearly power drop from the second to the 30th year will not surpass 0.45%. After 30 years, the module will still produce more than 84.95% of its initial output.

Certified for the most extreme environmental conditions

PID, salt, acid and ammonia cannot harm XL G10.3. Furthermore, it has a mechanical load resistance of up to 5400 Pa in the front and 2400 Pa in the back. A layer of protective glass and 1.38" thick anodized aluminum frame are the primary reasons for its toughness.


87.2" x 41.1" x 1.38"


64.2 lb

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The Q CELLS panels are excellent and generate a respectable amount of power per panel. We need as much efficiency as possible because they face east and are partially shaded during the winter months by a neighbor's tree.
Xavier Northmore
06/12/2024 08:38 am
Reasonable Cost with Premium Quality
06/12/2024 08:38 am
Good looking panels, and they perform admirably with respectable efficiency.
Harry Luttrell
06/12/2024 08:38 am

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