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S-Energy 325W Solar Panel 72 cell SN325P10

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Rated Power Output 325 W
Voltage (VOC)46.0V
Number of cells72
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency16.66%
Connector TypeMC4 or MC4 compatible
Backsheet Colorwhite
Frame Colorsilver
Dimensions LxWxH77.56 x 38.98 x 1.57 in
Weight50.71 lbs
Manufacturer Part #SN325P10
Operating Temperatures -40℃ to + 85℃
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Boats
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Solar Panels for RV
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
Warranty10/25 years see manufacturer
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

SN 72-cell 1000V polycrystalline module is great for building a residential or commercial solar system. It provides 325W solar output with a 16.66% efficiency. Pleasant design of these panels will make your roof look more modern and stylish.


  • 325W Power output
  • 16.66% efficiency
  • 72 cell, polycrystalline panel
  • Positive tolerance up to 5W
  • 1000 Volts Max Voltage
  • MC4 connectors

Solid efficiency for lower price

SN 72-cell solar panel provides 16.66% efficiency. While it may not seem like a lot, notice that it is a polycrystalline panel: lower efficiency is compensated by lower price. When space is not an issue, you can build a very powerful system with these panels just as well as with monocrystalline modules. 

Enhanced PID resistance

S-Energy engineers made progress in reducing the risk of Potential Induced degradation in a panel. PID is a result of stray currents and occurs especially often in wet weather. It can result in 20%-30% performance loss of your panel. It used to be a very serious problem as panels of most manufacturers were susceptible to PID and it could not be detected without special equipment.

Better durability for extreme weather conditions

S-Energy 72-cell polycrystalline module endures harsh weather very well. The panel can withstand 5,400 Pa (551kg/m2) mechanical load, whereas IEC standards are only at 245kg/m2. It also passed the hail impact test successfully: the panel can take a ball at 30.7m/s speed (IEC Standards: 23m/s). It also has high corrosion, salt mist and ammonia resistance.

10 years product warranty, 25 years performance warranty

The 325W solar panel comes with 10-year limited product warranty and a 25-year linear power warranty. The module retains over 97.5% of initial power in the first year. You end up with 80.7% power output after 25 years with an annual degradation rate being 0.7%.


1,970 x 990 x 40mm


50.71 lbs(23kg)

Reviews & Questions

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I bought these already a while ago. The performance is okay, it’s not great, not bad either for a poly. However, these panels did survive the tornado which hit us this summer so that deserves a praise in itself.
10/28/2021 03:41 pm
I thought polycrystalline panels are a thing of the past, but apparently not! Bought it out of curiosity for my country house. Gotta tell ya, that is a solid polypanel if i’ve ever seen one. The warranties are nice and i’m happy with the look. good product.
10/19/2021 09:11 am
I really don't care about efficiency and all that. What i know is 1) the panel looks good; 2) it doesn't cost a lot; 3) it does its job. I bought and i am not disappointed.
Mark Forrester
10/06/2021 02:38 pm

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is 80% after 25 years good or bad?
10/28/2021, 09:45
It’s fairly standard. There are brands that do better or worse.
Is it available in black color?
10/12/2021, 11:14
The frame can be silver or black. The cells have blue hue, as always with polycrystalline panels
how does the fact that it’s a polycrystalline panel change things?
10/07/2021, 14:42
Polycrystalline panels tend to perform worse at high temperature than monocrystalline modules and their efficiency is a bit lower overall. Otherwise, it’s basically the same experience.


How much is shipping and how long is delivery?
Our standard shipping charge is $250 for up to 11 panels and it is increased by $25 for every 4 additional panels. In the event, the product is only available on East or West coast custom quote will be sent to you before the order is processed. Normally, we are able to deliver solar panels within 7 business days.
What is the difference between low price panels and top price panels?
With top tier solar panels, you pay for the brand name, proprietary new technology, higher energy output, and better warranty support.
What are the dimensions of the panel?
Please refer to the product datasheet on the product page. We have a datasheet for every product we sell.
How long is the warranty on the panel?
In general, manufacturers provide a 25 year-long performance warranty and a 10 year-long equipment guarantee. Some manufacturers offer 12-15 years of warranty. More information is available in our warranty support section.
Which panels do you recommend for RV, marine?
We recommend Panasonic and Mission Solar panels for smaller systems as their high energy output and excellent craftsmanship guarantee years of service.
Can this panel be used with a 12v system?
Any of our panels can be used for a 12v system with a properly selected inverter and charge controller.
Can I pick up this panel from your fulfillment center to save on shipping?
Yes, we can set up a pick up at a local distributor. Please call to discuss options and stock availability.
How do I connect these panels?
To achieve the best system efficiency, panels should be connected in series to create higher voltage.
How many panels do I need?
This number is determined by your average energy needs. Depending on the type of panels and energy consumption, you might need anywhere from 12 to 45 solar panels. Remember, the more panels you install the more energy you will get.Please use our solar calculator to estimate your energy consumption and plan on building a solar system that will exceed your energy needs by 25%.
Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounts for orders of over 50 units. Please contact us for details.
How do I build a solar system?
Please use our solar calculator to estimate what equipment you need. Choose your panels, microinverters, inverters, and solar batteries if necessary.Please note that we do not offer solar system design or installation.
How do solar panels compare?
Solar panels differ by power output, voltage, connection type, size, efficiency, and weight. Some solar panels might be sold together with microinverters as a set.
Can I build a solar system by myself as a Do It Yourself project?
Yes, it is possible if you understand what solar equipment you need and how to connect it together. However, please be mindful that handling your own electrical work without having proper experience might cause life-threatening injuries. Please contact a certified electrician if you do not possess appropriate electrical skills.
Can I connect and charge my solar panel battery directly with the solar panel?
We do not recommend using the solar panel without the charge controller. Using solar panels without the charge controller might damage the batteries.
Can I drill holes into the aluminum frame for mounting?
We do not recommend drilling any new holes to the aluminum frame of the panel as it could damage the internal circuit and solar cells. (Also, any modification to the panel will void the warranty). We recommend only using the pre-drilled holes for mounting.
Do solar panels require maintenance? Can I wash my solar panel?
Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. We recommend cleaning the solar panel with water, glass cleaner (Windex) and microfiber cloth.
Will my panel produce power in an overcast condition?
While solar panels require sunlight to generate solar energy, they will still work in cloudy weather. Even on a cloudy day, solar panels will produce energy just not as much.
Will my panels produce power if covered with snow?
Solar panels cannot produce electricity if covered with snow.
What is the best direction for a solar panel to face?
The best direction for a solar panel to face is the South