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120 V charge controllers

In any solar power system with a battery bank, charge controllers are crucial components. A good model can increase system safety and battery life. Depending on the amperage, a 120 V solar charge controller is a viable option for both large and medium-sized PV systems.

What a 120 V charge controller can do

As its name implies, this crucial component regulates the charging process. A solar panel system equipped with a 120 V charge controller can typically do the following:

  • Make sure the solar panels' output is within safe limits
  • Avoid damaging the battery by charging it too much or letting it discharge too far
  • Stop the current from going the wrong way. Without a charge controller, electricity could flow from the batteries to the panels at night, potentially causing a fire
  • Watch your batteries and loads
  • Fine-tune the charging process

When you need a 120 V charge controller

A 120 V charge controller cannot manage a solar panel system with a voltage higher than that. Use the information in the product specifications to check the open-circuit voltages of your solar panels. If the panels in your array are connected in parallel, the voltage of the whole system will be the same as that of a single panel. When panels are wired in series, the voltage goes up while the current stays the same.

To find out how many panels you can connect to a 120 V charge controller, multiply the voltage of your battery bank by the amperage of the controller. For instance, you can power a system with twelve 320 W solar panels using a 48 V battery bank and a 120 V charge controller with an 80 A rating (48 * 80 = 3840).

How to choose the right 120 V charge controller

Determining whether to use pulse width modulation (PWM) or maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a crucial step in finding the right charge controller.

With regards to price, a 120 V PWM solar charge controller is the way to go. This type of controller tends to last longer because it has a simpler design. On average, a PWM charge controller will last between 10 and 20 years. Unfortunately, low cost and long life come at the expense of efficiency. A 120 V PWM charge controller's efficiency is only around 75% to 80%, and you'd have less control over the charging process. Additionally, this type of controller loses too much power when the voltages of the battery and panels are different.

If you're looking for a 120 V solar charge controller for sale, one that uses MPPT technology will cost you more. In exchange, you gain greater control over the charging process and up to 99% efficiency. These controllers can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on the brand. With a 120 V MPPT charge controller, you can reduce your wiring costs by using a much lower voltage battery.

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