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30 amp charge controllers

Without a charge controller, a solar panel system with a battery bank is unsafe. A good model can improve battery life and system safety. 30 amp solar charge controllers are recommended for portable systems such as those on boats and RVs.

What a 30 amp charge controller is capable of

This crucial piece of equipment controls charging. A 30 amp solar charge controller can do the following:

  • Protect from reverse current. Without a charge controller, nighttime battery-to-panel current might create a fire
  • Monitor the battery. A charge controller shows the battery's condition and loads
  • Regulate the voltage to protect the battery
  • Protect from overcharging and deep discharge

When you need a 30 amp charge controller

A 30 amp solar charge controller can't manage a huge solar panel installation. Choose it for projects with just a few solar panels. There's an easy way to assess if you need a 30 amp charge controller. For that, simply divide your panels' power by your battery bank's voltage.

If you have a 300 W solar panel and a 12 V battery, you'll need a charge controller that can handle 25 A (300 / 12 = 25). A 30 amp charging controller is sufficient for this configuration.

Which 30 amp charge controller is best?

When it comes to purchasing a charge controller, PWM vs. MPPT is one of the key choices to make.

It would be less expensive to use a 30 amp PWM solar charge controller. Due to reduced complexity, these controllers last longer – 10 to 20 years. But efficiency suffers as a result of the low cost and lengthy lifespan. A 30 amp PWM charge controller is only 75 to 80% efficient and limits customization. When panel and battery voltages differ, this sort of controller wastes too much energy.

A 30 amp solar charge controller costs more if it uses the MPPT technology. In exchange for a higher price, you get up to 99% efficiency and better charging control. Note that your 30 amp MPPT solar charge controller may have a slightly lower lifespan compared to the PWM alternative – 10 to 15 years depending on the manufacturer.

Why choose us?

If you’re looking for a 30 amp solar charge controller for sale, our store has various models to offer. Questions? Just contact us. Some advantages of working with our store:

  • East and west coast fulfillment centers
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  • Competitive 30 amp solar charge controller prices
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  • Only reputable companies
  • 100% original equipment

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