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Schneider Electric Charge Controller Conext XW-MPPT60-150

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current60 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels150 V

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Morningstar charge controllers first appeared on the market in 1993. Since then the American company made a name for itself as a reliable and thoughtful manufacturer of regulators for solar systems, commercial and residential.

Charge controller saves your battery

Morningstar solar charge controller is used to protect the energy storage in your solar system. A controller

  • prevents overcharging
  • blocks reverse currents from battery to PV modules
  • doesn’t allow the usage of a battery when deeply discharged
  • measures the load of a battery and the voltage of solar panels, allowing the owner to monitor the state of a system, much like an inverter does
  • protects the energy storage from high voltage of PV modules

Every solar panel system with a battery should have a charge controller – it ensures the overall safety of a system and prolongs the lifespan of an energy storage.

PWM and MPPT controllers

Morningstar solar charge controllers are either PWM (pulse width modulation) or MPPT (maximum power point tracking). The key difference between the two is the way they deal with higher voltage of panels.

  • PWM controllers simply cut the voltage of panels down to the level of battery. They are simpler and as a result cheaper and longer-lasting. Their lifetime exceeds 15 years.
  • MPPT controllers use extra voltage of panels and convert it into current for battery, using the electric power of your solar array to the maximum. They are very efficient, but cost extra. Their lifetime is about 10-15 years.

Every Morningstar charge controller has a warranty for at least.5 years. The company’s product is known for high reliability and top efficiency.

Morningstar controllers is suitable for RVs and boats

While charge controllers are most popular in off-grid residential systems, a Morningstar solar controller can be installed at your RV or on a boat as well. A typical solar system for an RV, for example, includes solar panels, solar inverter, if needed, and a controller between panels and the house battery of your recreational vehicle.

Controllers’ features

The Morning star charge controller can be programmed to customize the charging process of a battery to your preference. Most of them have remote access so you manage your controller via an app on your smartphone or a laptop.

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