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Canadian Solar panels vs Jinko Solar

Canadian Solar is one the most known manufacturers from Canada. Jinko Solar, on the other hand, is the largest solar manufacturer in the world. Which one makes the better panels? Let’s find out in our Canadian Solar vs Jinko Solar comparison.

What we know about the Canadian Solar panel brand

Canadian Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer that was founded in Canada in 2001 by Dr. Shawn Qu. The company initially focused on designing and manufacturing solar cells, but soon expanded into the production of complete solar modules. Canadian Solar has a global workforce of over 13,000 employees.

Chinese and Canadian factories make up the majority of Canadian Solar's manufacturing facilities. The Ontario plant can produce more than 500 Megawatts annually. Ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar PV modules, solar power systems, and other solar products are produced at Canadian Solar production facilities in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Canada, and several other countries.

What we know about the Jinko Solar panel brand

Jinko Solar is a solar panel manufacturer that was founded in China in 2006 by Mr. Xiande Li. The company started as a wafer manufacturer before expanding into the production of solar cells and modules. In 2010, Jinko Solar became a publicly traded company, and by 2011 it had become one of the world's largest solar panel manufacturers, with a production capacity of over 1 GW per year.

The company established regional offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, and began supplying solar panels to customers in over 100 countries. Jinko Solar has also been involved in large-scale solar project development, both as a developer and as a supplier of solar panels. The company has developed and built a number of large-scale solar projects around the world, including a 1.2 GW solar power plant in Abu Dhabi, and a 255 MW solar power plant in Mexico.

Today, Jinko Solar is the world's largest solar panel manufacturer, with a global workforce of over 15,000 employees and a wide range of solar products. 

Canadian Solar panels vs Jinko Solar panels: Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of panels from these two brands. Hopefully, this will help you pick a winner in this comparison.

Canadian Solar panelsJinko Solar panels
1. Moderate cost.
2. High efficiency up to 22%.
3. Wide product line with monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels and energy storage.
4. Better performance on cloudy days.
1. Low price. Price-wise, Jinko Solar panels are among the most affordable.
2. High performance. Jinko Solar engineers are able to create panels that are as efficient as it gets by utilizing n-type cells and cutting-edge technologies like PERC, multi busbars, and half-cut cell design. Jinko Solar's most advanced panels have an energy conversion rate of 22%.
3. Good performance in low-light conditions.
1. The Human Rights Foundation condemned the business after The Globe and Mail's 2021 investigation revealed it runs a solar farm in Xinjiang, China, next to an internment camp for Uyghurs.
1. Generic warranties: older models come with a 12-year product guarantee which is fine but not great. Some of the latest panels come with a 25-year warranty.
2. The panels can be hard to find in the US because In 2021, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection started blocking import of Jinko Solar products because the company was accused of the use of forced Uyghur labor.

Best solar panel Canadian Solar vs Best solar panel Jinko Solar: By A1SolarStore

Coming to the end of our comparison, let’s look at the panels from Canadian Solar and Jinko Solar side by side. Which one do you prefer?

Canadian Solar Hiku Black 370 W

Hiku Black provides up to 370W of power with its efficiency reaching 20%. Half-cut design improves shading tolerance and makes the panel more durable. The model comes with 25/25-year warranties for materials and output. It loses only 0.55% of its power output per year. All-black design makes the panel look good on any roof.

Jinko Solar Eagle G2 385 W

This is a fantastic panel for both home and commercial systems. The 144-cell monocrystalline Jinko Solar Eagle G2 module has a 19.42% efficiency and outputs 385 Watts of power. To boost productivity, Chinese engineers adopt PERC technology and half-cut cell design. The panel has a 25-year performance warranty in addition to a 10-year product warranty.

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