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How long do solar panels last on a roof?

One of the most common questions that get from our customers is about the lifespan of solar panels. Understandable: you want to invest in an energy solution that would ideally serve you for decades. So how long do solar panels last on a roof? Here is a quick answer.

Average lifespan of solar panels on a roof is 25 years

Most panels serve for even longer, and some break down before that. Why 25 years though? That’s the most common product warranty for solar panels in the industry. Most Tier 1 manufacturers offer from 12 to 25 years of warranty support. The highest it gets is 40 years with Sunpower solar panels.

The product warranty covers any issues related to the manufacturing of the panels. It guarantees that the panels will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specific period. If any problems arise during this time, the manufacturer will typically repair or replace the faulty panels. Some people prefer replacing their panels right after it runs out.


that’s how much power your panels should retain after 25 years in service

Another reason people buy new solar panels is that the performance of PV modules decreases over the years. Degradation rates are different across brands, but you can expect at least 80% of the rated performance after 25 years with most panels though. Read more about how long do residential solar panels last on a roof in our article on the lifespan of PV modules.

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