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KiloVault Solar Battery 1800 12V 150Ah LFP KLV1800HLX

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AMP Hours150 Ah
Battery Charging Voltages 12V
TypeLithium batteries
Voltage (VOC)12
Dimensions LxWxH6.7" x 9.4" x 19.1"
Weight45.2 lbs
Operating Temperatures -4°F to 140°F
Warranty7.5 Yr Warranty
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

The KiloVault® HLX series were designed and tested to meet the demands of high-capacity inverters and chargers, in either an off-grid or grid-tied storage setting. The HLX Series’ lithium battery technology stores and delivers energy more efficiently than traditional deep cycle batteries, requiring no maintenance on your part.


  • Flexible – Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations
  • Gives You More- You can use the full battery’s capacity, discharging it 100%
  • Long-life- Even after discharging it completely 2000 times, 80% of the capacity remains.
  • Maintenance Free – No watering required, or cleaning of hazardous chemicals
  • High Efficiency – Giving you up to 12% more use-able stored energy
  • Smart Investment – Lower cost per watt-hour/cycle and longer lifespan than lead batteries
  • Safer – No thermal run-away issues as with other lithium technologies
  • Heavy Duty -Takes up to 150A of continuous charging/discharging current, meeting the tough demands of serious inverters and chargers
  • 7.5 Year Warranty

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I am happy to say that the really important customer experience items were managed extremely well. It started with very good responses to questions, continued through the journey to arranging delivery.
11/14/2020 05:57 pm
I have to say that I was very impressed with the service. It was very professional. Thank you.
06/21/2020 08:07 pm

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Does this battery have new cells? Or are they automotive or other recycled cells?
Ronald Zumwalt
08/11/2021, 09:21
The manufacturer uses new cells.
Can I connect lifepo4 batteries from two different manufacturers?
07/25/2021, 19:50
This is not recommended. The raw materials, performance and other factors may vary.
Going to get 4 of these. I have enough 240 watt panels to charge them. Do you think they will run my air conditioner, tv and water heating?
07/10/2021, 15:49
To give you an answer, we need to know the total power of these appliances. Feel free to call us any time (800)557-5686.