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LONGI 380W Solar Panel 144 cell LR6-72HPH Modules

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Rated Power Output 380 W
Voltage (VOC)49 V
Maximum String Voltage 1000V
Number of cells144
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19 %
Connector TypeMC4
Backsheet Colorsilver
Frame Colorwhite
Dimensions LxWxH78.89 × 39.21 × 1.37 in
Weight50.7 lb
Pallet Qty30
ManufacturerLongi Solar Technology
Manufacturer Part #LR6-72HPHModules
Operating Temperatures −40°F to +185°F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty12-year warranty extendable 25 years
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product


LR6 Modules is part of the HI MO Series — one of the most recent made by LONGi. These panels employ cutting-edge technologies to achieve superior efficiency and reliability. The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology ensures excellent power output. This solar cell type employs an additional reflective layer to absorb more sunlight. 

Half-cut cell technology adds a few more percent to the overall performance, making this model a great example of efficiency. LONGi made solar cells in LR6 Modules two times smaller than the standard size, thus reducing power loss and improving low-light behavior. The efficiency of this model reaches 19% — well above the market’s average. LONGi offers 12 years of product warranty and guarantees 84.8% of original performance after 25 years of operation. 

  • 380 W power output
  • 144 half-cut PERC cells
  • 19% efficiency
  • 1000 V DC maximum system voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • 12-year product and 25-year performance warranties

Increased efficiency of up to 19%

LR6 Modules ensures maximum power production. 19 percent module efficiency is achieved using PERC technology and a powerful antireflective coating. This is much greater than the norm, resulting in significant additional savings throughout the years of operation.

Keeping the cool in high temperatures

LR6 Modules manages to stay efficient even at high temperatures. For every 1.8°F above 77°F, it loses just 0.28% in efficiency, allowing you to make the most of the sunniest hours.

Quality and reliability

LR6 Modules is subject to rigorous quality and reliability testing as well as many quality checks throughout the production process. The level of automation in the manufacturing facilities virtually eliminates human error. To guarantee that you receive the finest, REC is committed to quality, safety and dependability.

Low degradation for increased longevity

In the first year of service, these panels will lose no more than 2% of their power output. The average yearly power drop from the second to the 25th year will be no more than 0.55%. After 25 years, the modules will retain more than 84.8% of their initial output.

Improved frame design

LR6 Modules design makes it suitable for both residential and business rooftops. The use of a strong 1.37" frame composed of anodized aluminum boosts durability and strength. The model can withstand a significant snow load of up to 5400 Pa. The panel's back can withstand 2400 Pa, guaranteeing that your system will resist even the fiercest winds.


78.89" x 39.21" x 1.37"


50.7 lb

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Our solar installer recommended longi, and we ended up opting for them. They're beautiful, and I enjoy tracking my savings via the app. We saved quite a bit by purchasing here, A1 offered by far the best price for these panels.
Samuel Griffin
12/26/2022 07:28 pm
A solar installer here. I used these to set up a 30-panel ground-mount array. Very easy to work with, well-built with high-quality materials.
Steef Dierx
12/25/2022 12:20 pm

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Can i buy just 1 or 2 panels and pick them up from your Florida warehouse without any fee?
12/27/2022, 12:17
Of course! Our pickup option is free and you can order as few as 1 solar panel. When you’re viewing a panel, a list of all available pickup locations is to the right under “Availability”.
I'd like to use your panels to directly power a 12v variable speed DC pool filter pump. Are inverters and charge controllers needed?
12/27/2022, 12:08
Connecting solar panels directly is not advisable. This is all due to differing currents and voltages, as well as solar's high weather-dependance. You're likely to need a battery and a charge controller, but it's hard to elaborate without knowing the specs of your pump.