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72 cell solar panels

There is a great variety of solar panels nowadays due to the fact that in recent years the choice of manufacturers of this equipment has greatly expanded. There are different types of solar panels with different options. One of these options is how many solar cells a panel has. 72 cell solar panels have become a very popular choice not only for homeowners but for commercial property owners alike. In fact, 72 cell solar panel size makes it a little harder to fit them on a standard residential roof. However, this type of panels is a great choice when space is not a concern.

What are 72 cell solar panels?

Every solar panel consists of solar elements, these are photovoltaic elements or solar cells. A 72 cell solar panel consists of 72 photovoltaic cells. These cells are the essence of the solar panel as they directly convert sunlight into electrical power. A 72 cell solar panel is bigger than a 60 cell panel, but you use the space more efficiently.

Advantages of 72 cell solar panels

  • They are more cost-effective than 60 cell solar panels.
  • More suitable for commercial installations and large-scale projects.
  • Cheaper installation costs.
  • Depending on the brand, they might have a higher efficiency than 60 cell solar panels.

The average price of 72 cell solar panels

72 cell solar panel price depends primarily on the manufacturer. You can get a cheaper panel from a Chinese brand, but the products of Japanese or European companies usually have a higher quality. The average price of 72 cell solar panels on our website is between $215 and $260. It varies depending on the efficiency, warranties and 72 cell solar panel wattage.

72 cell solar panel size

72 cell solar panels are usually designed with six solar cells going across and 12 solar cells going down. The average dimensions of a 72 cell solar panel are about 77” x 40” x 1.5”, however, these can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. The weight of a 72 cell solar panel ranges between 49 and 58 lbs, which again, depends on the manufacturer. Check 72 cell solar panel dimensions before the purchase so you can plan your system ahead and figure out how many panels you can fit on your roof.

We offer 72 cell solar panels for sale from different manufacturers. If you have any questions concerning solar panels with 72 cells, our managers will be glad to answer them and help you with your purchase.

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